15 Best Alternative Dating Apps To Tinder 2022.

Apps Like Tinder But Free.

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I guess you’re searching for different alternative dating apps like Tinder UK. If my assumption is right, then I can assure you that you are on the right page find answers to your quest. 

If you probably you are already tired of using Tinder dating app, trust me there are many other free dating apps that works exactly like Tinder.

Here on this post, I’ve made available best free dating apps like Tinder which can work perfectly on your Android and OS devices.

Tinder is one of the most popular apps in the world, let alone one of the biggest dating apps. However, it’s not uncommon to get tired of Tinder. Perhaps you’re bored seeing the same people, getting no matches, or the push to pay for a subscription.

Obviously, Tinder is seen as one of the most famous dating apps globally and it is also the regarded as one of the best and biggest dating apps and platform. It is therefore rare to get tired of using the app. However, it possible for someone to get tires of relating to the same set of people, finds it difficult to get matches, or due to the high amount of money wasting on money for just subscription.

Right now, there are many alternative dating apps to Tinder which you can explore through the links provided for each dating apps. No one can tell whether your  true love is at the corner waiting for you to get acquainted.

What is Tinder Dating App? All You Have to Know.

   Tinder is an online dating platform which shows users the profile of their preferred geographical location, their age-range and gender. 

   On Tinder dating app, you can check on any profile you like by swiping right or swipe left on the ones you don’t like. You can however exchange words if both of you swipe right and create a match

   Tinder Dating App was lunched in 2012 and ever since then, the app has become one of the most popular dating apps on internet. What gives Tinder it’s popularity is its simplicity and attractiveness.


Possible Reasons Why Should Stop Using Tinder Dating App on Android.

Truly, Tinder has a wide range of users among other dating apps. However, there are many flaws which rendered the dating app useless to many online daters. 

  One of the main reasons why many online daters are switching from Tinder to other alternatives dating apps is because of the approach of Tinder to romance.

Again, the main focus of which Tinder dating app places on appearances shows that the app has more reputation for being just a mere hook-up platform. 

   In the same vein, the messaging system of Tinder dating app is quite far from the advanced form of chatting. 

Another point which makes many online daters to start switching from Tinder to other alternative dating apps is that the majority of the users on the platform are college students.


Best Free Dating Apps Like Tinder UK for Android

Many online daters are asking for what dating apps like Tinder are there?

Here in this sub article, you will be introduced to other free best dating apps like Tinder which you can access on your Android device. 

When Tinder app appeared on internet as a dating platform, it was seen to be the best free online dating app for online daters. 

Later on, Tinder introduced its paid membership plans which was given different names based on plan quality. They introduced Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold, Tinder Platinum and others. There was no doubt that the membership plans was too expensive and it the only factor for you to get more matches and likes on your profile.

 This and other factors render its users to be searching for other fun dating apps like Tinder.

Nowadays, there are many new dating apps like Tinder.

All the dating apps that are stated here are selected by their based on different recommendations by users. In fact, they are all regarded as best free alternatives to Tinder dating app.


List of Dating Apps Like Tinder no Facebook

  1. Bumble (App Like Tinder But Free)

This is our first free dating apps like Tinder  on our list. This is because the app was designed by someone who happened to be one of the formal Tinder app employee.


The reason why Bumble is regarded as one of the best Tinder alternatives is that the app has nearly the same features as that of Tinder and has a very good interface.


This app is very famous and you can give it a try by clicking on the link above.

2. Hinge (free dating apps like Tinder)

This another exceptional dating app you can use instead of Tinder app. 

Hinge gives you the best services when it comes meeting new people online for love. It is the best alternative dating apps people are using now. 

You can use Hinge dating app freely without paying a dime. All you have to do is to register on the app and start meeting new people. Use the link above to access Hinge dating app.

  1. Plenty of Fish  ( Apps Like Tinder But Free)

Here is another free dating app you can use instead of Tinder.

The name of this dating app suggests that you have more than enough cute babes and dudes waiting for you to join the platform.

Plenty of Fish is a spectacular and fun dating app just like Tinda. It looks out to be one of the Tinder competitors because of it plenty features which cannot be found in other dating app.

Kindly click on the link above to download Plenty of Fish app for your device.

  1. OkCupid (free dating apps like Tinder)

Another dating app that is free is OkCupid app and it is one of the best alternatives to Tinder.

Although the platform seems new on internet, yet it can’t be compared with some dating right now. 

OkCupid gives you the right choice of match and it offers tons of options you can probably go for.

OkCupid has a very simple interface and layout.

  1. Badoo (Apps Like Tinder But Free)

If you’ve been searching for alternative dating apps you can use all these days, then I will advise you try Badoo. Trust me you will find all you’re looking forward to have there 

One of the special features of this platform is filter. You can apply filter option to get the right person you are willing to hookup.

Not only this, Badoo is a very secured dating platform and it is free of scammers. Before you can be a member of this platform, you have to undergo some verification to be assured that you are a real human being.

  1. Happn (Free dating app online)

Another best dating app like Tinder you can download is Happn. There are tons of people using the platform and many getting their desire on this platform.

Immediately you download and start using the app, it will show you the lists of those that you might have probably met in the real life.

Happn is a free dating app.

  1. Her (Lesly dating app)

If you’re searching for lesbian dating app? Then you can try HER today.

To be sincere, HER is majorly a lesbian and bisexual dating platform and it is a free app too.

HER will definitely offer you the best experience you’ve been looking for.  Just use the link above to and access the platform.

  1. Coffee Meets Bagel

This is a new Tinder dating app alternative you can try today. 

Use the link above to view the app and download it.

  1. Facebook Dating

This is another popular dating app like Tinder. Facebook Dating is specifically designed for some certain counties such as USA, Mexico, Singapore and the likes. 

However you can create your profile on the standard Facebook app, you’ll now tweak and send you preferred matches or you can search for the right ones yourself.

  1. Hily

This is the last dating app like Tinder on our selection her.

HILY was coined from “Hey, I Like You”. The app is popular and free dating app like Tinder. 

Here on HILY, you can chat or have a video call with the gender you’re relating with on the platform.




Is there any apps like Tinder?


There are many dating apps like Tinder which will offer you the best services like Tinder itself.


What app works better than Tinder?


Tons of app works better than Tinder dating app. You can just try out any of the app discussed above.


What app is closest to Tinder?


Many apps are very near to Tinder in terms of features and functions. Nearly all of the apps mentioned above are closest to Tinder dating app.


What is the best app to get laid with?


I will advise you try one of those apps above to enjoy your dating moment only. Thank you.


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