15 Sites Like Rabb.it (Alternatives) to Watch Videos With Friends

Are you searching for browser sharing sites like rabb.it to watch movies with your friends and loved ones? Or you wish to explore other sites like rabbit to stream movies together with your friends? If the answer is YES, then I’m glad to inform you that you already on the right page where you can have access to 15 best sites like Rabb.it to watch videos online with your friends. Stay tuned as we walk you through the other streaming sites like rabb.it

rabb.it alternatives

What Are the Best Alternatives to Rabb.it?


Rabb.it, is online platform created and surfaced internet in 2014 The platform was launched on the net same year it was created. It is a  California-based online network that allows users to watch movies on the internet.

   Not only that, but Rabb.it also grants you access to watch movies in groups online (through services such as Netflix, YouTube, and others), which is very useful for spending time with family and friends.

   You may stay in touch with your loved ones by streaming the same movies simultaneously, even if you are not in the same place at the same time.


    The ownership of the Rabb.it software and other technical property of the platform has just been exchanged. As a result, Rabb.it has temporarily suspended the provision of the planned services of the online platform. Because of this, a large number of Rabb.it users have continued their search for websites that can serve as Rabb.it replacements.

This short piece of content has been created specifically to provide solutions to this and to provide you with other streaming sites like rabb.it in 2022. Not only this, you will also have access to some sites like rabb.it for adults.


Top Best Rabb.it Alternatives in 2022

  1. Syncplay (other streaming sites like rabb.it)


   Syncplay is the first open network that can provide you with services similar to Rabb.it. Syncplay contains nearly all of the features found in Rabbit, as well as a few extras.

     This entire platform may be accessible with their app, which is fully compatible for Windows, Mac, Linux, and a variety of other operating systems and devices. Very soon, the mobile version of the app will be made available.

     Following the installation of this program on your device, you will be able to start streaming videos and music directly from your system. Perhaps the most intriguing aspect is that your family and other folks with whom you communicate through the app will have access to anything you do on your pc, regardless of where they are in the globe. Trust me Synvplay is other video sharing sites like rabb.it you can check out


  1. Kosmi (other streaming sites like rabb.it)


    Aside Rabb.it, Kosmi is unquestionably another excellent alternative website. It is a sites like rabb.it for adults. This website is well known to be one of the Rabb.it competitor, even prior to the demise of the company in 2011. In fact, when it comes to watching synchronised local videos or YouTube, the vast majority of users prefer Kosmi over other options.

  It also allows you to build an online room where you may chat with your pals through webcam, which is another useful feature of this platform. Obviously, this site is other streaming sites like rabb.it


  1. StreamParty (rabb.it alternative 2022)


   Now it is a good time to check out StreamParty if you’ve been intrigued about the recent movies to watch with your fellow peers. With a catalog of almost 150,000 movies, StreamParty is widely regarded as one of the greatest Rabbs.it alternatives. With no doubt, StreamParty is other video sharing sites like rabb.it

    This website makes is possible for you to you can host and connect with up to 60 people who are also using the platform to share information and experiences. Additionally, all of the events that are currently available will be posted on the site’s dashboard and you can also make contribution on whatever the discussion is.


  1. Netflix Party (rabb.it alternatives netflix 2022)

Netflix Party rabb.it alternative

   Netflix Party has emerged as a new Rabb.it substitute because it is seen as other video sharing sites like rabb.it. What is noted about this platform is that it can only be accessible through Google Chrome extension app.

   What is the procedure? All you have to do is download and install the extension in your Google Chrome browser, and then spread awareness to your friends. When you have finished installing the extension in Chrome, you can connect into your Netflix account and select the video you wish to share from the drop-down menu. Virtually, Netflix Party is other streaming sites like rabb.it.

    After that, you can use the addon to create a Netflix Party and invite your friends to join in on the party. Please keep in mind that this plugin only works with Netflix and does not function with other local videos. Netflix party is rabb.it alternatives netflix

  1. Watch2gether (rabb.it alternative 2022)

rabbit alternative

  Watch2gether is other streaming sites like rabb.it that you can rely on. This online site allows you to sync and view movies with your pals when you are connected to the internet.

   All that is needed is to register on the site by clicking on the link provided above. Create a chat room, and begin inviting your friends to join you. Please keep in mind that the Watch2gether feature is only available on certain streaming platforms. Amazon,  Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and Dailymotion  are the only streaming services that are available.

  1. Metastream (rabbit — watch together)

Metastream is an ideal alternative to Rabb.it and it is very similar to the previously mentioned platforms.

  Metastream is distinguished from other streaming websites by the fact that it supports practically all streaming services, including Netflix, Netflix, Amazon, YouTube,  and the like. In addition, Metastream provides access to on-screen chat functionality identical to that of Rabbit TV.

  1. Rave (rabbit — watch together)

Our picks would not have been completed without the inclusion of Rave. Rave is another streaming service similar to Rabbit TV.

On this site, it is possible to exchange videos from many sources. It allows the sharing of movies from  Vimeo, Dropbox, Google Drive, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Rave has a straightforward UI and is accessible from anywhere in the world.

  1. TogetherTube (rabbit — watch together)

   TogetherTube has several characteristics with Rabbit Tv, which is why it’s included in the Rabb.it alternatives list.

TogetherTube is distinguished by the ability to build a private chat room for confidential conversations. In fact, sites like rabb.it for adults. Additionally, TogetherTube allows you to add movies from other platforms that accept TogetherTube to the playlist.

  1. MYCIRCLE.TV (rabbit — watch together)

   This is another fantastic website similar to rabb.it. MyCircle.tv enables family members to view a series of films together.

  In addition, you may build a chat room on the site to discuss your diverse video-related experiences. MyCircle.tv also allows you to make your own playlist and view your favorite Vimeo,  YouTube,and other videos.

This website is created with a basic interface, making it very easy to navigate.


  1. ShareTube  

    ShareTube is another sites like rabb.it for adults which you can consider. With ShareTube, you will be able to establish a chat room and invite your friends in order to watch your favorite television episodes with them.

Additionally, you may stream your synchronized YouTube videos on this site. All that is required is to visit the site, register and create your own profile and start enjoying your favorite movies with your friends


Watching movies together online is facilitated by this platform because it is other video sharing sites like rabb.it. Togetherjs is one of the top alternatives to Rabb.it.

Togetherjs was a project created by Mozilla Labs with the intention of allowing people to watch their online favorite movies with their family and friends.

  Togetherjs is accessible for all platforms, including Windows, macOS, and others. The platform just released a mobile app that is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

  1. Parsec

    Parsec was not intended to be a movies streaming website. However, it is an excellent alternative to Rabb.it TV. It is a streaming app for video games, however it shares certain features with Rabb.it TV. For example, it features a video streaming area where you may invite others and begin viewing videos online simultaneously.

   Group chat is another feature of Rabbit available in this application. The platform allows group discussion and commentary while streaming a movie, but lacks webcam chat.

  1. Kast

   Kast is the last option on our list of recommended alternatives to Rabb.it. Similar to the last mentioned platforms, Kast is basic software that can only operate on Windows and Mac. It is considered one of the greatest alternatives to Rabbit due to the fact that you can talk, exchange movies, audio, texts, etc. Trust me, Kast is other video sharing sites like rabb.it.


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