Top 11 Apps to Make Money Online in South Africa

Phone Apps to Make Money Online in South Africa

If you are the kind searching for the best apps to make money in South Africa, there is an important question you really need to ask. To what extent are the many applications promising financial gain genuinely worth downloading? Obviously, many money apps are not worth giving so much time because they end up wasting one’s time. However, we have carefully selected some apps that are really worth trying and can earn a lot of money on a daily basis.

We’ve put the most popular money-making apps through their paces to determine which ones are legitimate and worth downloading. These apps were ranked according to how much money they could potentially make you, how simple they were to use, how highly rated they were by users, recommendations from the users and how trustworthy the companies behind them were.

Before sharing these amazing apps, it is important for you to know that one can make a living in a number of different ways by using the internet, specifically mobile applications and websites. But, it is not simple to identify the most suitable platforms for carrying out such tasks. If you’re a citizen of South Africa looking for details about online moneymaking opportunities, you’ve come to the correct place regardless of whether you are a student, single woman, teenager or whichever class you may belong.

Best Online Apps to Make Money in South Africa

I’ve put together a list of the top phone applications for making money online in South Africa. These applications have had a significant influence on people’s ability to make a living on the internet, and they are extremely popular for being real and genuine.

More importantly, if you’re a student, you’ll benefit immensely from these online moneymaking platforms because they can just be used as side hustles without disturbing your education. So even if you’re not located in South Africa, you may read and benefit from our work.
It is possible to supplement a regular income using these apps while working full-time elsewhere.

Note: It is very crucial for you to understand the fact that some of the smartphone apps shared here are restricted to some geographical areas. So, if you find it difficult to access any of the listed apps, then you will need VPN that suits the demographic designed for the app.

1. Foap App

foap app to make money in south africa

Making a living doing what you love is the best feeling in the world. Do you know that those photos you took of nature on a whim can easily turn a profit? This is possible using the Foap app by selling photos online.

Here is another app you can simply use to make money in South Africa. If you are skilled at capturing professional-quality photographs, that is, a photographer, you can earn yourself big money without waiting for customers to pay you. The Foap app makes it easy to monetize your quality photo collection.

All you need to do is to download the app, create an online portfolio where potential clients may view your work and increase the number of photographs you sell. It’s possible to sell whatever number of photographs you submit with this mobile app. It works with both Apple and Google’s mobile operating systems.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

For quite some time, Survey Junkie has been considered among the amazing smartphone apps to earn extra cash online. Again, it is one of the most used app for market research firms. The platform boasts over 10 million users, excellent evaluations from actual app users. It also has a Trustpilot `Excellent” rating, and a modest minimum cash-out of only $5.

Based on our research, Survey Junkie stands out as the platform where you may earn on your own time, since they have one of the largest inventory of surveys.

Survey Junkie does provide new users with a few opportunities to earn decent amounts of money. All you need to do is to sign up by filling out a profile survey and verify your email address. After this process then you can start carrying out surveys, watch a “how it works” video and the likes. In a short amount of time, you may complete these chores and have the $5 required for payment in your bank account.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks-app to make money

Here is one of the best apps to make money online without stress. How does Swagbucks work? It is an app available for you to carry out some simple tasks such as game playing, watching videos, surveys, reviews and so on. In exchange for your loyalty and online purchases, Swagbucks gives you points that you can redeem for gift cards and other prizes. It’s true that this app will provide you with SB points(the app currency), when you buy groceries and other products that can be redeemed for cash.

If you have a PayPal account, you may cash out your SB points for actual money. You may earn real money with Swagbucks in other ways as well. The Swagbucks browser add-on may be downloaded and used to earn points by playing games, completing surveys, browsing the web, and more.

The Swagbucks app can simply be downloaded by anyone using either Android or iOS. In South Africa, Swagbucks is among the most reliable online app for making quick cash. It’s simple and straightforward; all you have to do is create an account and log in.

4. Fiverr

Without any doubt, Fiverr is one of the widest platforms to advertise your digital freelancing services if you’re a self-employed person living in South Africa.

People use Fiverr to buy and sell various services from one another. There are a number of alternatives to Fiverr, but this one stands head and shoulders above the others. There are tons of all services you can render to other people on this platform

I can tell you from experience that promoting your services in this market is challenging and competitive. Web developers, programmers, graphic designers, video editors, and animators all face stiff competition from others offering similar services. But, you might avoid this inadvertently by using specific strategies. In South Africa, Fiverr is a great tool for students and anyone searching for extra income.

If you need more features on this app, you can always visit rather than using the app alone.

5. Blackout Bingo

Here is a way to make money from fun. With this app, you can make extra cash while playing games online. Players in Blackout Bingo face off against one another in a round of competitive bingo. Those that put forth the effort to focus will be rewarded.

Bingo players enjoy the game, making money without spending a dime while earning “Zs,” the in-game money. We estimated that it would take roughly five hours of gameplay to acquire a single physical sticker that could be redeemed for Zs, which can be used to purchase virtual stickers or actual goods.

6. Mistplay

Here is another online app to earn real cash. It is “the loyalty program for gamers,” is a free Android app that awards points for playing games.

You must either give Mistplay with comments on the game or complete predetermined in-game objectives to unlock the next challenge (like leveling up). You can also trade in your points for merchandise at popular merchants like Amazon, Starbucks, and the Nintendo online shop.

7. Udemy

Udemy is a platform for offering and selling digital courses to a global audience. If you’re really proficient with a certain digital ability, you might theoretically teach others how to do the same for a living.

It’s now time to start making money off of this course. Thus, if you’re well-versed in a certain area, you may make money by teaching others what you know.

But to get started, you’ll need the ability to record or edit videos in which you expertly explain how it may be used to earn money for others.

This network fosters a competitive atmosphere between other courses platforms. It is much like Fiverr and Upwork so you’ll need to be competent at what you do if you want to earn any money off of it.

If you live in South Africa and have a digital talent to share, this is one of the greatest applications to do so. Start making money from selling out courses to other people that need it.

8. Uber Eats

Here is a platform where people place an online meal order using the. You probably want to know how to make money with this service. With Uber Eats, you can make money by delivering meals to people’s homes.

Putting it more clearly, you can make money delivering people’s meals. Among the few African nations where you may access this feature is South Africa. So, taking meal deliveries is a potential online source of income for students. You can get this UberEats on your Android or iOS device.

9. Neighbor

Another moneymaking app on our list is Neighbor. With the help of the Neighbor app, you can start earning extra cash by renting out spare rooms in the place you reside.

Living apartments, parking in a garage, driveway, shed, attic, or basement are examples of this. Your job is to sell our available spaces by creating a relationship between customers.

10. Olymp Trading

Cryptocurrency and stock trading are two legitimate internet business opportunities, as most people would agree with that fact. Trading is obviously profitable if done correctly and whichever way, it is all about risks.

However, Olymp Trading app gets you covered in any form of risk involved in trading. Olymp Trading is a trading platform where you can practice trading with virtual money before committing real cash. When you’ve mastered the stock trading process with the help of this software, you can start trading for real money by funding your account and placing trades.

Even if you don’t want to leave your house, you may participate in the stock market and the crypto market. On this app, you can test your trading skills against other seasoned traders from all around the world in tournaments hosted by Olymp Trading, with the possibility of winning prizes.

11. Rover

If you are a pet lover and trainer, it is time for you to earn big from this skill using this app. The Rover app is the initiator of the best services when it comes to pet sitting, dog walking, doggie daycare, and boarding.

With the aid of this app, you can connect with local pet owners in South Africa who would be interested in your services.

Dog walkers may earn up to $20 an hour, according to Rover’s ads. It’s perfect for city dwellers, who typically have the freedom to take their dogs on several short outings. Boarding might be a great way to supplement your income if you don’t live in a big city.


It can be inferred from the foregoing that not all moneymaking apps are scams and we have been able to identify some apps you can use to make money here in South Africa. It is very important for you to understand that earning money online does not always come with ease. One has to keep on trying all ways till one gets the right path.

You can only make it online only if you’re dedicated, committed and find it hard to give up. I see us winning together. Kindly drop a comment below if you find this piece useful. Thanks for reading.


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