How to Maintain Your Laptop Performance

Best Tips to Care for Your Laptop

Many people use their personal laptop almost every day for different purposes. Sometimes you wonder why your laptop suddenly stops working without giving any clue. This could be due to a lack of proper maintenance by the user or to the user’s inattention to some strange notices the laptop displays from time to time.

It is therefore crucial that you maintain your laptop performance well in order to  avoid a sudden breakdown. This article specifically targets the different ways in which you can take better care of your laptop. If the following steps and suggestions are properly followed, it will equip you with the necessary things to be doing in order to ensure your laptop serves you more and better.

11 Tips to Maintain Your Laptop Performance

You may probably be searching for the best ways you can follow to main the good performance of your laptop, this tips will be of good help. Kindly follow the processes you should always apply to keep your laptop and maintain its good condition.

#1. Protect Your Laptop from Liquids

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Many computer and laptop users are fond of taking coffee, tea, water or other liquids whenever they work on their laptop. They tend to do so to maintain their interest and to improve the workforce. However, such liquid can easily spill on our laptop and damage its entire components.

In order to avoid such an occurrence, it is preferable that we use a covered cup, so if at the end, such liquid spills, it won’t go anywhere. Liquids may endanger the internal components or cause electrical damage to our laptop. It can permanently damage parts of the laptop or corrupt some data. For these reasons, it is advisable that you keep drinks or liquid substances away from your laptop in order not to damage it with liquids.

#2. Dust your Laptop Often

It is ideal to find dust on part of your laptop whenever it is opened, especially on the screen and keyboard. The best way to make your laptop live long is to clean it up whenever it is opened in order to free it from being affected by dust. Using a white handkerchief to dust your laptop will always make it look neat every day.

#3. Work on Your Laptop With a Clean Hand

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Always ensure that your hands are well cleaned whenever you want to work on your laptop, because it makes it easier to make use of the touchpad. Again, it will free the laptop from the risk of stains or any dirt as a result of dirty hands on it, especially on the keyboard. Also, cleaning your hands before using a laptop will minimize wear and tear on the coating as a result of contact with particles and sweat, which may reflect on the laptop’s external parts.

#4. Installation of Antivirus

Is It Necessary to Install Antivirus Software?

As you receive and send files each and every day, your laptop is prone to viruses. Sometimes you might know very well what you downloaded on your laptop, but such a file might still be full of viruses, which may damage the files on your system. Such viruses may also damage the fast operation and performance of your laptop or affect the laptop software. Meanwhile, the availability of antivirus on your laptop will always protect your laptop against any virus that might attack your laptop.

#5. Protect Your Laptop’s LCD Monitor

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It is not an ideal practice to place any item on your keyboard while working on it or after working. Whenever you’re done working on your laptop, always ensure that there are no items, be it a mouse, pen, or pencil, left on your keyboard. If such an item is closed, it can have a negative impact on the screen.

This may lead to scratching of the screen if the item is quite rough. Therefore, always be careful when you want to close your laptop and do ensure that there is no item on the keyboard. Also, when closing the lid, hold it in the middle. Holding the lid on one side every day can cause pressure on the hinge and, in the end, snap bend.

#6. Keep Food Away From Your Laptop

Why You Should Keep Your Laptop Away While Eating

It is generally not ideal not to eat on your system, not to mention placing food on your laptop. Many system users are fond of this. When you eat on your laptop, small crumbs can eventually fall between the keys and create an invitation for bugs or affect the circuitry. The worst part is, the laptop will always have a dirty look with crumbs.

#7. Avoid Exposing your Laptop to Fur or Hair


Using your laptop, especially in a room meant for animals, is quite dangerous for your laptop. The hair and fur of the animals can maneuver into the internal parts of the laptop and affect them negatively. In other words, animals such as dogs can damage the laptop accidentally by knocking them off, wagging their tails or tripping over leads.

#8. Firmly Hold and Lift the Laptop by its Base

If you want to maintain your laptop for a long time, always hold it by its base but not by the screen. The hinges attached to the display of the base or the display itself may be damaged if you lift it by the screen alone. The screen can also be easily damaged or scratched by direct pressure. So, always avoid pressure on it.

#9. Avoiding Exposing Your Laptop to Rapid Temperature Changes

Do not expose your system when there are rapid changes in temperature. When taking your laptop indoors during the winter, ensure you don’t turn it on immediately. Rather, let it adapt to the temperature in the room before you turn it on. This process will negate any form of damage that may have occurred to the dick through condensation forming in the machine. You should, at the same time, avoid the heat from sunlight on your laptop.

#10. Don’t Leave Your Laptop in the Car

It is advisable that you don’t leave your laptop in the car, especially when your laptop has no bag. The high temperature sometimes damages the life of a laptop or reduces its performance. Apart from the high temperature, your laptop may also be a target for thieves when it stays inside the car.

#11. Clean Your Laptop’s Internal parts Annually

Schedule an annual cleaning of the internal parts of your laptop in order to remove the dust that might be hidden in the internal parts of the laptop. Make sure you have a computer expert or professional who would carry out the process, or prefer to do it yourself if you have the tools. If dust is stored for a long time in your laptop, it will find it difficult to cool itself perfectly.

#12. Do not Place Heavy Materials on your Laptop

Always avoid placing materials such as books, drinks, power banks or any other material heavy on your laptop because this can forcefully push the screen into the keyboard and thereby damage the LCD screen. Also, the CD-ROM in the laptop can easily be damaged or broken when squished.

Always ensure that you don’t use your laptop in a place where there is dust flying in the atmosphere. The dust may create a blockage in the route for heat to escape and, in the end, make your laptop overheat faster than normal.

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