How to Import Photos and Videos from iphone to PC: Windows 10

          How to Import photos and videos from an iPhone to PC

    The process of importing photos and videos from iPhone to laptop or computer is still seems uncleared to many laptop users especially those that are new to apple products. If you’re the kind that still find it difficult to perform this little process, then this short article is specially meant for you as it explains the step-by-step process to do it. Kindly follow with full mind in order to get the process and apply it immediately after reading.

  How to Transfer Photos from an iPhone to your PC


     Be very sure that the pictures you wish to import are on the device but not in the cloud. Then follow the following steps. Or the instructions of the PC you’re using.

   1.The first process is to connect your iPhone directly to a PC with special USB cable capable of transferring files.

    2. Kindly turn on your iPhone and make sure it’s already unlocked because your laptop won’t be able to find the device if the iPhone is locked. After unlocking the iPhone an option will pop up on the screen whether to allow or deny access of your PC to your videos and photos. Kindly click on allow as it shown on picture below.

3. After allowing the access on your iPhone, your PC will immediately show two options on the screen. The first option is “import pictures and videos” while the second option is “open device to view files. Kindly click on “import pictures and videos” as shown in picture below

4. After clicking on “import pictures and videos” as shown in picture above, the PC will load the pictures on the iPhone then you select “import” as shown in the picture below if you want to import all the photos, or select the ones you like.


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