How to Link NIN with Your Sim Card: MTN, Airtel & 9mobile

How To Link NIN With MTN, Airtel and 9Mobile (Etisalat)


Over the years, Nigeria government didn’t attach any importance to the linkage of ones sim(s) to National Identity Number(NIN). In the recent time, the government came up with the idea and made it compulsory for every network users to link their sim(s) to their respective NIN. This proposition came up so as to reduce the level of fraud and ill practices found among many Nigerians of which most are done through their sim cards. This idea at the same time is targeted to minimize and to trace owners of each sim card.

However, all the network providers have kept sending text messages to each sim user to link their sim with NIN so as to avoid being blocked from using such sim. With all the announcements and information everywhere on link NIN with our various sim, many network users still find it difficult to carry out such task. This article is therefore meant for those that are still asking for how to link NIN to SIM either with MTN, GLO, AIRTEL or 9moblie. Here on, we will teach you the process to follow in doing this.

How To link NIN with MTN Sim Card


For you to link your NIN with your MTN sim card, just go to where you normally dial numbers on your phone and simply dial *785# using the specific number you wish to link with NIN. After dialing, it will immediately show where to impute your National Identity Nunber. Kindly impute the number correct and send. If this is done, then you have successfully linked your NIN with your MTN sim.

OR; If you find the above process difficult, then simply dial *785* National Identity Number # (e.g *785*34216783497#) and send. Your MTN sim will automatically linked with NIN.

OR; You can just visit your internet support mobile phone or your system. Make sure you complete and fill the NIN linking form. Enter your name, your phone number, NIN and your email address. Kindly submit the for when you are done and wait for response from the network provider.

How To link NIN with Airtel SIM

You can simply dial *121# on the that very Airtel sim you wish to link. A response will be shown then you reply with 1 (for NIN capture) then send. You will be replied with a space to enter your NIN. Press the 11 digits and send. You wait for a moment to receive a message for confirmation of your submission. If this correctly done, then you have successfully linked your Airtel sim with your NiN.

How to Link NIN with Etisalat or 9mobile

Just dial *2008# wait for response and then input your 11 digits of your NIN.

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