Side Hustle for Students in Nigeria

Best Side Hustles for Students in Nigeria in 2023

Side Hustle for Students in Nigeria

Are you a student in Nigeria looking for side hustles to make extra money on campus in 2023? Or are you tired of bothering your parents and relatives to give you pocket money every moment? In either way, being financially independent makes you feel fulfilled and reduces the burden of your parents and sponsors. Having established this, this content is specifically written for you. Kindly stay tuned, read through and choose your best side hustle as a student in Nigeria.

By the virtue of introduction, it is no more a new thing to see many young folks living expensive lives on campus. The fact is, not all these young rich students are earning their money illegitimately. In fact, there are many among them who took advantage of the little opportunity they have and made it bigger. Side hustle is the secret behind the good life some students live on campus and that’s why you should also look for one too.

Why You Should have a Side Hustle as a Student in Nigeria

Being a student doesn’t limit you to reading alone. The fact that many students in Nigeria are financially unstable remains the same and a great number of them are seeking supplemental income opportunities. So you have to venture into one in order to make yourself financially independent.

The idea of side hustle may be an excellent method to acquire new skills that would survive you even after the course of your study. Going for an extra business may help you obtain expertise and knowledge in a variety of professions, sectors, and industries. Starting a side hustle allows you to operate on your own terms, thus there is no need to get permission from anybody to do so if you have the idea for one.

Before we dive into some side hustles available for students in Nigeria, I’d like to introduce you to a platform called Side Hustle Internship where young students like you can acquire a new tech skill for free. Going through this program will allow you to venture into your own side hustle and start making your own money.

Side Hustle Internship for Students in Nigeria

What is Side Hustle Internship?

Basically, this is an online platform available for free for all young African folks who are looking forward to learning new skills in tech. Such tech skills acquired can in turn serve as their side hustles to start earning money independently. Being a student in Nigeria, you can simply take advantage of this free online resources to get experience in the field of information technology. Since the year 2020, the platform has provided a series of world-class training in soft and hard skills to undergraduates, graduates, and corps members.

Throughout the Side Hustle Internship, you will be handed projects and different team assignments that will provide you with the necessary experience and help you develop your portfolio, collaboration, and excellent communication.

Side Hustle Internship Official Login Website

This platform is available online and you can access the link to get sign-up for the program here. Also, some basic information required will be given here. Kindly click here to access the official page of the internship program

Courses Available on Side Hustle Internship

  • You can sign-up for any course depending on your interest.
    Frontend Web Development
  • Backend Web Development
  • Data Analytics
  • Product Design (UI/UX)
  • Graphics Design
  • Video Animation
  • Product Management
  • Digital Marketing & Content Creation
  • Customer Relationship Management

Note that, learning any tech skill of your choice costs no dime and everything is provided free of charge. However, after the completion of your learning process, you will be required to pay a minimum of #2500 for your certificate. In addition, they also offer a BootCamp to finalists who pay an additional #5,000 to join a startup team or collaborate on projects.
This phase is not employment, but rather an opportunity to get professional experience for others.

Eziagor Chiagozie (Side Hustle Internship 1.0) says:

I am so grateful to God and the entirety of the Side Hustle team for not only introducing me to the world of programming, but also giving me the room to work on live projects, experience first hand team work and collaboration. These awesome experiences helped me land my first tech role at about one month post internship”

Mustapha Aminu Muhammed (Side Hustle Internship 4.0) says

I was initially skeptical, partly because I couldn’t believe such a powerful program could be free. But as week one began, I was glad I applied, and it has been a fun and worthwhile experience up until last week. “

Top 10 Side Hustles for Students in Nigeria

In what follows, I will walk you through some of the profitable side hustles you can venture into to start living your dreaming life as a student in Nigeria. Note that this article is not only meant for students alone because it can also be of benefit even to the working class and salary earners in Nigeria.

Paid Online Surveys

Do you know you can sit at the corner of your room and earning cool cash everyday? This is possible through Online Surveys.

How does this work? There are numerous businesses and market researchers who are interested in consumer feedback on their products and services. You as a customer assumes to have used their products before, then you give them feedback based on your own idea of the product. In compensation of the time spent on each survey, you will be rewarded in dollars. Websites such as Branded Surveys, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie provide an abundance of paid surveys.

Definitely, completing surveys will likely not cover your bills, but they can help you earn additional cash for the weekend.


Blogging is one of the best side hustles available for students in Nigeria. It is a very lucrative venture you can try out and it takes less of your time. Blogging requires a very small amount of money to set up.

You can simply get started and running it at your leisure time. All you need is your laptop, internet connection, a domain and web hosting.

How does blogging work? You own an online platform where you publish different and quality contents for your audience. In turn, you can start earning through Ads on your blog, sponsored posts and through affiliate marketing.

Earn Money for Test Apps and Websites

A website filled with bugs or a non-functional software can cease commerce faster than anything else. Before a website goes live, it is tested by a team of testers who click on every link and interact with every button. This process doesn’t go for free. You will be compensated for this.

Some of these testing sites are UserTesting, UTest, Userlytics, UserCrowd, and Enroll. All these may link you with different website and app testing opportunities. Some competitive jobs pay $40 for a 60-minute test, thus it is possible to earn money in this field.

Transcribe Video and Audio Recordings

A transcriptionist receives audio files from clients and transcribes their contents. These files may contain films, audio notes, phone calls and so on. Your own job is to change the spoken works into written one. Getting this job is very easy through freelance websites like Rev, TranscribeMe, and GoTranscript. These online platforms give you chances in paid transcribing.

POS Agent

Nowadays, a POS Agent in Nigeria is comparable to a small bank and you can take advantage of it as a student. With the emergence of fintech businesses in Nigeria and the drive for more financial inclusion, POS Agents are likely to continue to flourish.

It’s very simple to make money from POS. This is because there will always be a need for your fellow students to send and receive cash in your hostel and department. So you can rest assured that this firm will not cease to exist any time soon. All you need is get yourself a POS terminal and some cash to start with. You may join some of the best POS Agent services, including GTB POS, Baxi POS, Kudi POS, Palmpay POS, Opay POS, and Moniepoint POS.

YouTube Channel

This another lucrative side hustle for you because millions of users visit YouTube to educate, relax, and amuse themselves. You may develop high-impact video content for a specific audience and earn money based on the number of viewers your videos receive.

Whether it be video tutorials on how to prepare a certain dish, articles or films on how to improve one’s life, interviews, or even just idle chatter about a specific subject, there are many different types of material that may be shared online

YouTube channel monetization is one of the finest side businesses you can start in Nigeria. However, you must be able to generate a creative contents that will make you rank in any niche of your choice. Note that, starting is always the hardest part. Just get started and will get millions of viewers with time.

Home-made Food Delivery

Many folks are out working and do not have time to prepare the prepared meals they desire. If you have exceptional culinary talents, this is one of the Nigerian side businesses you could pursue.

Being a student, you have the weekends to spend as you like. With the aid of your smartphone and cooking talent, you can actually make money on campus. Try to showcase your cooking talent through your social media pages. Get people along to make orders for your recipes against the weekend. Prepare the delicious food and get it delivered to them.

Trust me, there is still a great deal of opportunity for new entrants in this despite the fact that there are already many competitors. Just ensure that your cuisine is delicious and that your brand stands out.

Become a Tutor

Tutoring is an excellent side gig since it is flexible and can be performed while still in school. All you need is to show your competency and intelligence in subjects and courses you know well. This maybe within the campus or outside the campus.

Also, the online tutoring is another platform you can explore to earn extra money for yourself. Join any online tutorial platform, sign up as tutor and get hired for your service.

Affiliate Marketing

There’s no need to give up your academic pursuit in affiliate marketing. This is adaptable, and you can design a system that generates revenue even while you sleep.

There are both domestic and international affiliate marketing schemes that are reputable and well-known. Simply join up with them and begin marketing their items to earn a percentage on each successful sale.

Fitness Instructor

Numerous youngsters are desired to seem fit and healthy.If bodybuilding is your passion, you can pursue careers as a Gym teacher and personal trainer while attending school. You can earn a great deal of money by doing this.

For instance, if twenty people want your services, you may make between 3,000 and 5,000 every visit to the gym if you charge between 100 and 200 per training session.

Laundry Services

Students are concerned about their look on campus, yet many among them find it difficult to do their laundry. Nowadays, Laundry is no more a dirty job, rather a very lucrative venture especially for students.

You may earn a substantial amount of money if you are hardworking and committed. To wash the laundry for a couple of your pals requires only a few hours of your time, and they will continue to bring you more. If your workload interferes with your study time, you may seek assistance from a trustworthy local.


From the forgoing, it can be inferred that getting a side hustle for students in Nigeria is very crucial to ensure your sustainability on campus. Apart from this, it will ease the stress of your parents and sponsors from frequent billing. Side Hustle Internship is identified as a platform you can learn new tech skill for free.

Therefore, living on campus won’t be as hard as I was used to before you come across this concept. I’m optimistic that if you’re try to follow any of the jobs pinpoint here, you will always live a financially independent live on campus. Kindly drop a comment below if this piece is useful.

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