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Aritzia is a well-known name in the fashion industry if you’re up to speed on the newest trends. If you haven’t heard of Aritzia, a Canadian fashion company famed for its elevated, well-made essentials, you should. Aritzia has gained a lot of attention in recent years owning to celebrities and social media influencers who have been sporting the brand’s products.


Despite the quality of their work, their costs are out of reach for the typical person to afford. We’ve listed 15 places where you can get Aritzia-inspired clothing for a fraction of the price!


List of 15 Stores Like Aritzia but Cheaper



Stores like Zara

Zara and Aritzia share a lot in common in terms of style. A wide range of stylish essentials may be found at both stores. You’ll find everything from jackets to trousers to sweaters to gowns. Zara is very reasonably priced. Zara’s jeans are my particular favorite item of apparel. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, and most are priced between $30 and $60 a pair.

Visit Zara online today instead of Aritzia all times.



Store Like Madewell Fashion Store

Another eco-friendly business! Before expanding their business, Reformation began selling their products from a tiny shop in Los Angeles. All of their goods are made using moderate materials, recycled antique garments, and recovered dead-stock textiles. Indeed, it is a cheap clothing store like Aritzia you should check out today.



  One of my favorite place to purchase fashion clothes at cheaper price is ASOS. It seems like they have everything you could ever want on their site. Sizing is really generous, and they’re consistently on top of the current trends. Curvy and large sizes are available for their normal clothing, while tiny and plus sizes are available for their swimwear. For swimwear, ASOS is one of the few brands who offer this!

In addition, their pricing are on the cheap end. As little as $5 may buy you a few pieces of apparel.


Urban Outfitters

stores like pacsun

Shop at Urban Outfitters if you want to keep up with the current fashions. They’ve got a wide variety of goods at hand. Fashionable and one-of-a-kind items may be found together with more basic shirts, tanks, and bottoms of higher quality.

The pricing range of Urban Outfitters is comparable to that of Zara. You may often find a terrific discount on a well-made item, depending on the item. 



site like ebay

Okay, I’ll explain. Amazon provides a great selection of fashionable clothing. Then there’s the fact that they’re excellent fundamental staples. We obviously know that Amazon sells just almost everything, and that holds true for their clothing selection as well. Because there is so much to choose from, you can be sure that something will catch your eye.

If you use Amazon Prime, you’ll get your garments a lot faster than if they were mailed separately.


J Crew

Clothing staples with a modern touch may be found at J Crew. They pride themselves on their knowledge of cashmere, jackets, blazers, and slacks, all of which they believe to be their specialties. Aritzia’s things are more expensive than theirs. Yet they’re still more expensive. Don’t let that deter you from joining us, though! Sales are fantastic at J Crew.




ASOS just acquired Topshop, however the brand is still distinct from ASOS. My favorite item from their denim line is the jean shorts . With their printed items, you may release a remark, or you could go for a more classic appearance with their essentials.



It’s easy to find similar goods at Aritzia by shopping at H&M. Although the quality isn’t as good, the pricing reflects that. When I’m looking for casual wear like shirts, tanks, and shorts, I like to purchase at H&M.



The apparel offered by Madewell is of exceptional quality. They provide a wide selection of stylish essentials at a fair price. And don’t forget about their adorable jewelry and other accessories!


Joah Brown


I believe that Joah Brown is under-appreciated. Founded in Los Angeles, this company’s line has a “off duty model” feel to it. Overwhelmingly, their offerings consist of basic, everyday essentials. Tanks, shirts, biker shorts, sweatpants, skirts, and more are all available.




Everlane is an eco-friendly retailer dedicated to creating a transparent supply chain. As stated on their website, they are striving towards high quality, minimal impact and long-lasting clothes. To minimize their influence on the environment, they employ sustainable products.


Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a retailer of men’s and women’s modern clothes. They, like Aritzia, are attempting to become more environmentally friendly. They want to employ more sustainable materials, fibers, and denim over the next 2 years, as well as to lower their water usage.



Missguided is a fashion label founded in the United Kingdom. This is another another boutique that is always stocked with the most current fashions. As a student, you’ll get a discount on anything you buy at this store!

Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Numerous designers are available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack. You’ll discover everything from casual to formal attire, loungewear to sporting wear, all in one location. My particular favourite of the two is Nordstrom Rack. Some of my favorite designer goods can be purchased at very low prices.



Lulus is known for its stylish, trendy, and up-to-date designs. This is my go-to spot for dresses since they carry everything from cocktail dresses to wedding gowns!


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