Most Paying Online Business to Start in Nigeria

Best Online Business to Start in Nigeria 2023



     Have you ever lost in thought whenever you think about online business to start in Nigeria? You always wish to start making money online but you don’t know how to get started or which online business will be the best for you. A point you should note and have in mind is, if there are millions of successful people making money online, so you can too. What is required of you is to think about what you are good at and you can make money from it. This will pave way for which of the online businesses you should venture into.

This article is specially made for you to know different online businesses available for you, how to start them and how they can fetch you cool money. However, before you start reading, have the mind that none of these businesses is a ‘get rich quickly’, for you to be successful in any of these online businesses explained below, you have to be focused and determined.

Meanwhile, there are many sites out there leaving their readers in dilemma on which of the of the top best business to start in 2023. This is due to the fact that, most of them bombard their readers with too much options. But here, I have done a very good research and I am here with the top 4 of those online business you can venture into this year.

Without further ado, the following are the best online businesses to start in 2021. At the same time, they the most paying online hustle this year.

List of Most Paying Online Businesses in Nigeria

  • Forex Trading
  • Vlogging
  • Blog Writing
  • Freelancing

Forex Trade


When people talk about online business, the first idea that come to listener’s mind is forex trading. This because, forex trade is regarded as on of the best and most paying online business currently. When it comes to online business, you cannot ignore forex trading. How forex trading works? In forex trading, you invest in a commodity. You can either sell or buy it and by doing so, you start making money from it. Meanwhile, forex trading is not as easy as it appears for the fact that, many people lose their cash in forex. As a new forex trader, you have to note the factors that make people lose their money.

The first factor is improper practice of forex trading and the second is when one fall victim of scammers. Note that, you should know the kind people to trade with because, when you meet a forex scam, you may lose your money forever unless you find a successful forex scam recovery service. So, if you’re going into forex make should you learn the basic and elementary knowledge on how to go about it. There are free tutorial videos online to put you through or fine someone that can teach you better. If you can go can surely take the risk, trust me Forex trading is a good side hustle to start in 2023. You can visit here to learn more about forex




Vlogging is another best thing to venture into in Nigeria. It required a little creativity for you to get started. In vlogging, people create videos and make money from it. So if you’re good at creating videos, you just need to know the real basics about about optimizing videos when uploading. Trust me this is pretty easy.

The truth is, there is no any tough part in optimizing videos. For instance, when you are into vlogging, you will later grow and become a pro in not time. Once you make videos, some social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo’s and the likes are perfect for sharing and making money out of them. Without doubt, Vlogging is a good and thing to venture into this year.

You can visit here to know more about vlogging

Blog writing

The article you are reading currently  was written by someone and this is what blogging meant to be. Blogging is actually a platform for writing and it generates huge income very well when some things are put in place. When you have your own website, you write articles on the website, getting traffic and making money from it is what called blogging. Going in to blogging is a very good idea because it’s not so hard or tough but you need an adequate knowledge about the niche you are good at so as to make it easy for you to go any length in writing articles on such niche. Believe me blogging is a cool online business to start this year. Popularly as well, ‘homework area‘ is a famous website using blogging to reach out to many customers worldwide regarding their needs. For this reason, you can also take blogging a tool to work for you and start making your cool cash.

Get yourself a laptop and go into blogging.




Freelancing is one of the best online business to start in Nigeria this year based on the situation of the world right now. What makes freelancing special Amon other online businesses is that, you don’t need to invest on any amount before you start making your money online. What you need is a computer and internet access to get started and once it’s done, your game has started.

How does freelancing work? It is actually a platform encompasses the employers and employee and strictly online. In freelancing, the online employers upload a job they need services for. The employee or freelancer who is fit in for the job will then send a proposal to the employer regarding the job and will be employed if he/she is perfect for the job.

You shouldn’t forget that, it’s an online platform which requires no physical connect of the two parties. So you can just stay in the corner of your room, get the job done and get paid immediately.

You can venture into freelancing no matter the kind of skill you have. You can be a writer, designer marketer, teacher, SEO, script writer, website designer and the likes. An example of the freelancing site is “UPWORK’ which is available for every country. You can click here to start working on Upwork today

Finally, the ability to make impact requires a movement, make a move and start any of the online business discussed above and start making money.


Achievement does not appear overnight, it requires a right steps and determination. Don’t just view the post for the sake of reading, take a step on any of these most paying online hustle this year.



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