About Us

Harfoo is a technology and gaming website providing how-to guides, tips, and recommendations on a range of topics.

A major focus is troubleshooting and optimizing laptops and computers. The site covers issues like fixing slow laptops, diagnosing PC problems, maintaining laptop batteries, and computer security. This advice draws on extensive technical expertise and hands-on testing.

Another core topic is gaming, with numerous articles on finding, downloading, and playing games on platforms like Android, PSP, and PPSSPP emulator. There are guides to games across genres like action, sports, racing, and more.

Additionally, Harfoo features lifestyle content on making money online, starting businesses, and streaming entertainment. The emphasis is empowering readers with actionable and trustworthy advice.

Meet Yousuf, Founder and CEO

Yousuf founded Harfoo in 2021 as an outlet to share his lifelong passion for technology and gaming. As an avid tech enthusiast from a young age, Yousuf has over 15 years of hands-on experience troubleshooting and optimizing laptops, desktops, phones, and gaming devices.

As CEO, Yousuf oversees a team of writers who contribute specialized expertise in areas like computer repair, IT security, mobile gaming, and emulator guides.

Under his leadership, Harfoo has grown into a trusted destination for actionable tech and gaming advice based on real-world insights.

Yousuf himself contributes detailed, step-by-step computer optimization and troubleshooting guides. He draws on extensive experience diagnosing hundreds of Windows and Mac issues over the years.

For gaming articles, Yousuf leverages his lifelong immersion in console, PC and mobile gaming to provide tips to fellow gamers. He stays up-to-date on new releases and relishes helping readers discover hidden gems.

As founder and CEO, Yousuf is committed to making Harfoo the leading independent resource for technology and gaming guidance people can rely on.