10 Best Free Live Sports Streaming Sites in December 2024

Have you been searching for the top best free live sports streaming sites? You want to sit at the corner of your room and enjoy the live sport games as they happen? If this assumption is true, then I can tell you on the right page to get the free live sport streaming sites.


   In recent years, the demand for sports streaming on mobile devices,  especially free football streaming sites, has increased tremendously. This is however common particularly among the sport lovers who can give up anything in order to have access to their favourite games online. Because of the rising expenses of television packages, more and more people are turning to free online streaming services these days.

While there are a number of services that allow users to stream live videos for free without breaking the law, there are also those that are against the law. These websites either possess the digital rights to the information or just comb the web for any authoritative sources that are freely available on the internet.

  In addition to posing a threat to your system and data, illegal websites are capable of pestering you and gathering personal information from your device.

 As usual, meeting the demand of my readers is always my priority. The research has been carefully carried out and I am back to give you the best live sports streaming sites for free, the description and the direct link to those sites.

Just take a moment to check the lists of the best live sports streaming sites and choose the one of your choice to enjoy awesome moments of live sport matches. Below are the lists of top live sports streaming sites.

List of Top 10 Free Sport Streaming sites

  1. CBS Sports
  2. Ronaldo7
  3. First Row Sports
  4. Fox Sports Go
  5. Fromhot
  6. Stream2Watch
  7. StreamSports
  8. WatchESPN
  9. Live Soccer TV
  10. 123TV
CBS Sports
free live sports steaming sites

   Currently, this website is regarded as one of the best live sports streaming sites. It not only provides live sports coverage, but also sport highlights and sports breaking news. It includes the majority of the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Football, NGO, and NCAA. Furthermore, customers can utilize their app to watch live sports on their cellphones. Users may be needed to register in order to watch live matches on this website.

Additionally, you may utilize the website to get highlights, live scores, schedules, and match results for a variety of sports. Given the magnitude of the channel, you may expect some high-quality content on this platform. If you haven’t already, you can actually give this channel a try.


In honor of the Portuguese professional player Cristiano Ronaldo, a website has been created in his name to offer a free sport streaming channel. Obviously, the channel is one of the best live sports streaming sites

This site offers free live streaming of all of the biggest European leagues and European UEFA competitions. The site does, in fact, specialize on football, and it provides as many streams as possible for each match. Users will be able to select which stream they wish to watch and will have backup streams available.

First Row Sports

In order to bring you as close to the action as possible, First Row Sports has been created as an online sports streaming website that allows you to feel as if you are in the very first row of the tournament itself.  This sports streaming focuses primarily on football, and it has earned a good recognition for the quantity of streams it is able to uncover for each event.  Trust me, First Row Sport is one of the best live sport steaming sites

First Row Sports is a renowned live streaming website because it offers the most number of HD Streams of any sports streaming available. 

Fox Sports Go

This is another best site for live sports. Here on this channel, live sport events can be watched online via the FOX Sports GO website, which is operated by the Fox Sports Network. This website offers live streaming of a variety of sporting events.  As Fox Sports is concerned, it is the official provider of a number of sport streaming sites. Even though it is not the sponsor, you can still use this website to watch live sports.

This website is also available as a mobile application for streaming live sports from a mobile device. The website is simple to use and extremely easy, allowing sports to be observed from any location. Although not officially free for all, FOX Sports GO is available for free if you have cable. You only need to subscribe to cable or satellite to receive access to all sporting events.


FromHot is one of the most famous online sports streaming services in the world for football fans. FromHot features an elegant and smooth design that provides a good user experience. While some other websites show live sports with commercials, FromHot has fewer annoying advertisements, making it a superior option.

Apart from this, the main page’s design is really clean, and the site’s visual style is also quite attractive. Additionally, it takes less than a minute for new visitors to learn how to use the FromHot website. FromHot offers streaming connections for a variety of popular sports, including basketball, cricket, football, baseball, hockey, golf, and cycling. Trust me, the site is one of the best live sports streaming sites


Stream2Watch is surely a known website to those who are used to the free sports streaming sites for several years.

Stream2Watch provides all kinds of live streams from virtually any sport imaginable, including  football, boxing, college basketball, hockey football, soccer, tennis, golf, and rugby.

While the frequency of advertisements on this site may be a downside, it’s difficult to overlook the site’s popularity and high-quality links.

Stream2Watch is an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) website that provides wide coverage of live sports, entertainment, and sport news. You can watch a variety of sports activities on this free streaming site, including American football, baseball, volleyball, ice hockey, football, and combat sports.

Along with live sports streaming, Streams2Watch provides users with access to a variety of prominent television channels. This website’s visitors can access a variety of sports channels and live sports streaming services.

There is more to this than just sports streaming. Additionally, Streams2Watch allows you to view a range of documentary, entertainment, and news television programs. Numerous channels are available for streaming on Stream2Watch.


StreamSports, as the name implies, is a site that allows users to actually watch sports for free. This website functions similarly to the other live sports streaming websites covered in this post. This site enables you to search for games and stream those that are being played via the platform’s own media player. All major sports leagues, from the NBA to soccer, are broadcast here.

Additionally, it might be prudent to give a warning. StreamSports is specifically available to some selected country. However, you may need to use a VPN or another type of proxy to access this platform. It is depends on the specific country from which you are viewing this website.  Trust me, this site is one of the most popular sites for free sports streaming.


When you’re unable to find an appropriate website for online sports streaming, Watch ESPN is regarded as an excellent alternative. We already know that ESPN is among the most popular channels in the globe when it comes to sports news. There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of ESPN if you’re a sports lover. WatchESPN is an ESPN network and specially created to stream all sports.

At the moment, Watch ESPN is not available in all countries. Therefore, if you live in a country where WatchESPN  is unavailable, you may need to utilize a VPN to access its services. Whichever sport you wish to watch live online, you can always use Watch ESPN to do so without registering. Believe me, the website is one of the best live sports streaming sites

 Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is one of the free sports streaming websites where you can watch football, the National Football League, cricket, rugby and many more.. The website features an intuitive interface that categorizes the various sections according to matches, competitions, leagues, and channels. Additionally, you may access prior game results, as well as live matches and news, immediately from the homepage.

Along with the website’s browser version, you may also download an Android or iOS app to access various sports links. The broadcasts are distributed via a multitude of platforms, including NBCSN, Telemundo,, and fuboTV. Obviously, the channel is one of the best live sports streaming sites

The primary disadvantage of Live Soccer TV is that certain streaming URLs are geo-restricted. This depends on the streaming provider you choose. Certain streams are only available in the United States, while others are only available in the United Kingdom.

This issue can be resolved by effortlessly routing your internet traffic through another country using a VPN.


Due to the popularity and ease of access, 123TV rounds off our list of the best sports streaming services. This website features over ten sports-related streams.

This free streaming site has grown in popularity as a viable alternative to cable television, particularly for its news and entertainment contents.


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