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Pokemon is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time, with the RPG games being fan favorites. The classic Pokemon games were originally released for Nintendo’s handheld consoles like the Game Boy and DS.

While mainline Pokemon games are still exclusive to Nintendo systems, there are plenty of similar monster collecting RPGs available on Android that capture the magic of Pokemon. These games allow you to catch, train, battle and trade creatures and provide a fun adventure.

In this blog post, we will highlight the 7 best PSP games like Pokemon that you can play on your Android device in 2023. These games are inspired by Pokemon and offer a similar gameplay experience.

1. Micromon

Micromon is one of the closest games to Pokemon on Android. Just like Pokemon, you explore the world, battle and capture Mons, train them and defeat gyms. There are over 100 unique Micromon to collect. The gameplay, graphics and Mons are designed to strongly resemble Pokemon.

Micromon offers a nostalgic Pokemon-like adventure with a new story and Mons. The battles are turn-based with a wide range of moves and abilities. You can evolve your Mons, trade them with friends and battle online. There is plenty of content and gameplay depth to keep you hooked.

Overall, Micromon delivers an authentic classic Pokemon experience on mobile with new collectible Mons, moves and regions to explore. It’s a must play for Pokemon fans.

2. EvoCreo

EvoCreo takes the monster collecting RPG formula and adds some unique twists. In this game, you capture and train Illumina – powerful creatures that can be evolved into new forms. With over 300 Illumina, the creature variety is impressive.

The turn-based battles are challenging and require strategy to win. You can customize your Illumina’s moves and abilities as you level them up. The world is vast and filled with different environments to explore like forests, deserts and snowy mountains.

EvoCreo has an original story campaign that can last over 30 hours. The gameplay depth and elaborate creature designs make EvoCreo stand out as one of the top monster collectors for mobile. Any fan of Pokemon or Digimon will thoroughly enjoy this game.

3. Monster Crown

Monster Crown lets you collect, breed and raise a team of monsters known as Crownmons. The 200+ Crownmons take inspiration from various mythologies and cultures across the world. You can find rare variants of each Crownmon with different traits and movesets too.

This game emphasizes monster breeding and gene splicing to create your ideal creature team. The turn-based battles require tactical use of each Crownmon’s strengths and powers. You can explore dungeons, lakes, deserts and more while taking on gyms and rivals.

With a dark story taking place in a morally gray world, Monster Crown offers a mature Pokemon experience. The retro pixel art visuals are charming and fit the classic monster collecting gameplay perfectly.

4. Siralim 3

Siralim 3 is an old school monster collecting RPG dripping with depth and customization options. With over 700 creatures to obtain, you’ll spend tons of time catching and breeding new monsters. The strategic turn-based battles feature rich synergies between your creatures’ abilities.

You can explore randomly generated dungeons with challenging end game bosses. Breed your creatures to pass down traits and create the ultimate team. There are endless possibilities for party combinations and builds. Uniquely, you play as a god that summons and controls the monsters.

While Siralim 3 looks simplistic on the surface, it offers an insane amount of customization and systems to master. If you want a hardcore Pokemon style game, it doesn’t get much deeper than this.

5. Nexomon

Nexomon delivers a Pokemon adventure with hundreds of nexomon to seek out and collect. You explore an expansive world while trying to complete your nexodex. There are 10 different types of Nexomon, some being rare variants.

The turn-based combat has you strategically using your Nexomon’s skills and switching them out for type advantage. You can evolve them into new forms that gain improved stats and new abilities. Fossils can even be excavated to obtain rare ancient Nexomon!

With cheeky humor, quirky characters and tons of clever references, Nexomon is a lighthearted homage to classic monster collectors like Pokemon. The Nexopedia also provides fun facts on each Nexomon that you catch.

6. Coromon

In Coromon, you battle and collect cute but deadly Coromon in turn-based battles across an expansive world. There are over 120 Coromon to obtain, each with unique designs and skills. You can evolve them, teach new moves and combine their strengths in battle.

Explore the fantasy regions like wild west Arizoal or steampunk inspired Lanthan. Take on challenging Coromon gym leaders and thwart Team Rockit’s evil plans! Breed Coromon to get rare traits and colors too.

Coromon sets itself apart with challenging battles that require countering types and managing your Coromon’s stamina. With charming voxel art, goofy characters and strategic monster battles, Coromon is not to be missed.

7. Digimon ReArise

Digimon ReArise lets you raise and battle with 100+ iconic Digimon partners. You explore the digital world while collecting Digimon and participating in deep turn-based battles. Unique evolution trees allow each Digimon to digivolve into various powerful forms.

Build your dream Digimon team as you take part in the main story campaign full of nostalgic characters. You can PvP battle against real opponents and their teams too. The gameplay requires strategically utilizing type advantages and digivolution.

Ultimately, Digimon ReArise captures the magic of raising digital monsters and watching them digivolve into stronger allies. For any fan of the Digimon anime and games, this mobile RPG is a must play.


That concludes our list of the top 7 games like Pokemon available for Android devices. These monster collecting RPGs provide the satisfaction of catching, training and battling hundreds of unique creatures. They offer deep turn-based combat and expansive worlds to explore.

From the authentic Pokemon-like gameplay of Micromon to the hardcore depths of Siralim 3, there’s something here for all fans of the genre. These games are packed with content and challenging gameplay that can keep you occupied for hours on the go.

So try out these top-rated Pokemon alternatives on Android for an addictive monster collecting adventure you can play anywhere! Let us know your favorites in the comments below.


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