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  Here is FIFA 21 APK. I am talking about that interesting soccer game for android device. Meanwhile, there are many football video games available online for android users, depending on the choice and interest of players. In this game article, you can view the features of FIFA 21, download FIFA 21 for Android and how to play FIFA 21 apk for on Android.


FIFA 21 for Android is one of the best football video games for Android. It is the 28th installment of the FIFA series which was developed and published by EA Sports. 

  This video game( FIFA 21 ) was first released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One. However, after the success of FIFA 21 on these mentioned platforms, it was then released again and published by EA Sports games to make it available for Android/iOS. 

VOLTA FIFA Football which happens to be the FIFA in the street has been introduced for the very first time on mobile device. The VOLTA Football games mechanics have been greatly improved. There are many features included in the FIFA 21 of which FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) is one of the special features of the football video game. This will be the first time FIFA will be officially released by EA Sports on Android.

   The game is played with the aid of Floating Analog which has pass and short buttons, shooting, showing skill, long pass and the like. This makes it very easier than that of the previous version of the game.


  Also, there are in this FIFA 21, there are two different ways to control the players during the process of the game. The first way is through floating keys while the second is through Bluetooth controller in the device.


  FIFA 21 has been perfectly optimized up to a level that the game can now be played on a low specs android APK devices. However, the performance of the game in terms of quality and graphics depends on better specification of your android device. The better the specification of your phone, the better the display of the game on your device.



  • 1GB RAM or higher
  • 1GB Free Space or higher
  • Android OS 6.0 or higher



Some Screenshots FIFA 21 APK


How to Download FIFA 21 APK

The process to download is not far fetch. You just click on the download button below and wait for some moments till the file finish downloading.

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How to Install FIFA 21 APK on Mobile Phone

Unlike PPSSPP version of the game which has a technical process to follow, FIFA 21 APK is quite simple to install on android device. Just follow the three process bellow.

1. Kindly click on the download button above to download FIFA 21 to your required Android device. When you’re done downloading, then tap on install button and you will be asked to make some changes on your device since the app is not from Google PalyStore.

2  An installed FIFA 21 apk icon will show on the screen of your android device. Just lunch the game and verify it.

3  After completing the verification by running or playing any games given to you on the verification page for like a minute or more. Then, FIFA 21 APK remaining files will be  downloaded on your android device. The process will surely take some minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. You then re-launch the FIFA 21 APK and start enjoying yourself video game.

I hope this short content has been of help for you to have access to the download link of FIFA 21 APK. Trust me, FIFA 21 is soccer game you would love to play again and again. Kindly drop a comment in case you have any suggestion of facing difficulties when downloading the game. Thanks.

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