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Ghost Rider PPSSPP

  You are probably searching for the direct link to download Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO file gameplay. If my assumption is right, then trust me you are on the right page to have access to download the PPSSPP version of Ghost Rider on your mobile Android device. 

    Here in this post, I have provided for you the short description of the PPSSPP version of the game and the requirement to meet before you can play the PPSSPP game on your smartphone. Apart from this, you will also have full access to the direct link to download Ghost Rider PSP ISO and the gradual process to perfectly install the game on your android device.

Description of Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO Gameplay


Here in this PSP game, the well-known character is called Johnny Blaze who happened to be the tormented anti-hero in this game.

  Johnny Blaze was a daring cyclist prior to selling his soul to the Devil in return for his father’s life.

  When you talk about game control and assault mechanism, Ghost Rider for PSP has some resemblance to God War and Devil May Cry. Combo action is carried out with just the bare hands and the devil chain. The graphic design, location, and tone of the game are similar to those of the initial God of War and Devil May Cry installments.

With that infernal cycle, Ghost Rider for psp video games may perform various chain strikes and blast through hellfire.

Download Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO (video game) Highly Compressed

   Ghost Rider for PSP  gameplay is actually known to be a third-person game .This interesting and hacked game was released and available on Portable Playstation, Game Boy Advance based and PlayStation 2.

Requirements to play Ghost Rider PPSSPP gameplay


   For you to be able to play Ghost Rider PPSSPP on your android device, there are some certain requirements you have to meet. The following are therefore the most important requirements you must meet before you can play Ghost Rider on your android smartphone.

   The first thing is that, you must have the latest PPSSPP Emulator app installed on your smartphone

Download the Zarchiver pro apk app or other extracting app on your android device.

Download Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO file from the link provided below this content

Minimum OS required: You must have at least 4.0 or latest with screen 5.0 inches for better display

1GB RAM or is pretty good to run the game perfectly on your android device 

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Information Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO game


  • Name of the game: Ghost Rider PPSSPP
  • Released date: February 2007
  • Format of the game: ISO (Image file)
  • Publisher of the game: 2K games
  • Developer of the game: Climax Action
  • Mode of the game: Single-player and fully offline
  • Genre of the game: Slash and Hack

Ghost Rider psp gameplay screenshot




Ghost Rider for PSP

Download Ghost Rider ppsspp cso highly compressed 7zip with save data  file from here


How to install and play Ghost Rider for psp gameplay


  The next step now is to unzip the file you downloaded above. If you already have unzipping file applications on your phone already, then you can skip this step and move to the next one. But if you don’t have, go ahead to download the unzipping file application with the link provided below.

   After downloading the two required applications on your phone, then open your file and go straight to the download folder and extract the Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO file.

  The next process is to simulate the CSO file with the PPSSPP emulator. In case you do not have a PSP emulator on your android device, then you can proceed to download the latest PPSSPP emulator for your android device.

  After this, launch your already downloaded PSP emulator for android. Click on the storage and search for the Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO file you extracted. After locating this file, then navigate on the icon and you can simply start enjoying your  Ghost Rider PPSSPP ISO game on your phone.

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