Download God of War PPSSPP : Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus

God of War PPSSPP ISO File: Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus

I guess you are searching for the direct link to download God of War PPSSPP file in highly compressed ISO. If my assumption is right, then there is no need for you to search further because you are already on the right page to get the highly compressed file of God of War PSP on your mobile device.

This article will give you access to download the two series of God of War PPSSPP games for Android ; Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus. You can therefore choose the one of your choice for the two links will be provided below.

Description Of God of War for PPSSPP (Ghost of Sparta and Chains of Olympus)

God of War PSP game is undoubtedly on of the most interesting and popular action games available on PSP. Many PSP gamers consider the game as the best actions and adventure game enjoyed through PSP emulator.

God of War ( G O W ) remains the favourite game played on different gaming platform including the PlayStation Portable. The quality of the game has earned it its popularity among other action games on PSP. God of War; Ghost of Sparta continues to grow its credibility and worthy action game to paly on Android device.

It is pertinent to note that God of War for PSP is available in two different series where are; God of War Ghost of Sparta and God of War: Chains of Olympus. The God of War: Chains of Olympus PPSSPP was the first series of the game released in 2008 followed by Ghost of Sparta in early 2012. Although, the two series of the game takes different storyline but they are almost the same in terms of visual design and the graphocs.

Without further ado, PPSSPP God of War focuses on the narration of a story form the Ancient Greek Mythology. The story centered on the main character of the PSP game called Kratos who looks forward to taking revenge due to what happened to his family.

You can click on either of the two links provided in this article to download the highly compressed file of God of War Ghost of Sparta for PSP and God of War Chain of Olympus PPSSPP.

 Overview of God of War PSP; Ghost of Sparta And Chains of Olympus

This PlayStation Portable game (PSP game) is an adventure-action video game developed by Santa Monica and Dawn Studios and published by Sony Entertainment on November 2, 2010.

The plot of the game is centered on Kratos, a Greek hero who fights gods. He discovered more about his origins through a dream haunted by his mortal past, in which he locates Callisto, his mother, who informs him that Deimos, his brother, is still alive in Atlantis… You may watch a full documentary about Ghost of Sparta online.

The protagonist is Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian Gods. Kratos is a character from Greek mythology who is directed by the goddess Athena. He was tasked by Athena Goddess with the task of locating the Sun God of Helios. Chains of Olympus: The Complete Documentary is available online.

 Requirements File for God of  War PPSSPP  ISO file 

God of War Ghost of Sparta PSP ISO Game Download Highly Compressed File

Download God Of War Ghost of Sparta

God of War Ghost of Sparta (USA PPSSPP android highly compressed ISO) is one of the series of God of War series for the PlayStation Portable system, after the release of Chains of Olympus in 2008.

God of War Ghost of Sparta APK PSP game revolves round the narrative of Kratos, the game’s protagonist, who has ascended to the position of God of War. However, he is often troubled by dreams over his previous deeds. To overcome this nightmare, Kratos embarks on a mission to discover his origins. Is Kratos capable of overcoming his own demons? Simply click the link below to download God of War Ghost of Sparta APK PPSSPP.

Download Highly Compressed God of War Chain of Olympus PSP ISO File for Android

Download God Of War Chain of Olympus PSP

PSP God of War : Chains of Olympus is classified as an Adventure and Action game, it turns out that this title also falls within the Hack & Slash genre.

This game series becomes the most downloaded on one of the most prominent PSP game download sites,, indicating that it is very popular worldwide, not just in Nigeria.

God of War Chains of Olympus PPSSPP android game follows Kratos, who remains a servant of the gods on Olympus and is directed on his quest to atone for previous transgressions by the Goddess Athena. Kratos must atone for his misdeeds by living in the underworld and confronting monsters and other animals.

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How to Install and play God of War PPSSPP ISO file step by step


To play PSP games, you must first extract the ISO file to a spot on your SD card or internal hard drive.

After you’ve downloaded the God of War chains of Olympus iso or Ghost of Sparta iso zipped file to your Android phone, continue to the following step.

Assuming you have Zarchiver apk pro or another extracting application such as ES file Explorer or RAR installed on your Android phone, proceed to the next step after unzipping the ISO or CSO file to your PSP game folder.

Assuming you don’t have the PPSSPP emulator installed on your device, download the newest version from the playstore; it’s small and won’t eat up much of your data limit.

Once you’ve installed the PPSSPP emulator, navigate to storage and locate the unzipped God of War Chains of Olympus iso or Ghost of Sparta iso file, then click the play button.


I hope this has been of help to have access to direct download link of the game. Trust me, God of War PPSSPP is an awesome game to play and play again.


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