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Relive Wrestling Glory with WWE 2K20 on Your Android Device!

WWE 2K20 apk and obb data

Are you a diehard WWE fan? Do you wish to experience the wrestling fight on your phone? Well, I am pleased to inform you that you can now download and play the latest WWE 2K20 wrestling game on your Android smartphone or tablet absolutely for free. On page, I will walk you through all you need to know about the game and all the necessary files you must download before you can play the game on your mobile device. Trust me, WWE 2K20 apk is a game you would like to play again and again. Kindly stay tuned and read through this guide.

In this comprehensive article guide, I will provide step-by-step instructions to download and install the WWE 2K20 APK along with the essential OBB data files. Not only this, the content has been updated and I have included the WWE 2K20 MOD APK file for you download and enjoy the unlimited features of the game. So let’s lace up those boots and step into the ring!

Overview of  WWE 2K20 APK for Android

For those unaware, WWE 2K20 is the latest installment in the popular WWE 2K wrestling game franchise. It was originally launched in 2019 for gaming consoles and features a massive roster of over 180 WWE superstars along with celebrity characters.

The game provides an authentic WWE experience with stunning graphics and animations, a career mode storyline, and options to customize matches. And thanks to APK modding, all of this is now available on Android!

I have tested and optimized WWE 2K20 to ensure smooth performance on mobile devices. Just follow this guide to get it up and running now. The time for stunning suplexes and chair-smashing action is here!

Thrilling Features of WWE 2K20

Before we jump into the installation process, let’s briefly look at some of the cool features that make WWE 2K20 a must-have wrestling experience:

  • Massive roster with legends like The Rock, Austin and more
  • Realistic wrestler models, entrances and movesets
  • Variety of match types like Steel Cage, Royal Rumble etc.
  • In-depth career mode with cutscenes and dialogue
  • Detailed creation suite to make custom wrestlers
  • Intuitive touch or gamepad controls optimized for mobile

And much more! With such an expansive feature set for mobile, WWE 2K20 APK brings the complete wrestling simulation experience into the palm of your hands.

Screenshots of the Gameplay

Having known all the key features of the game, I believe your imagination would have been full with how exactly the game is gonna look like. Stay calm! The game is such an amazing one as it looks more realistic than you could ever imagine. You can a look at some of the screenshots of the live gameplay below.

 wwe 2k20 apk obb download Wwe 2k20 apk obb free download


Download and Install WWE 2K20 APK on Android

Having getting to know all the amazing features to meet in the APK game, the next process is to download and install the WWE 2k20 APK on your Android or tablet. Right now, you are going to need two files to get the game: APK file and OBB data. Interestingly, I have provided all the links you need to download all the files here. Check the links in the below sections and click on them.

Download the WWE 2k20APK File

The first and the most important process is to download the necessary files needed to play of the game and move on to the next step. The link provided below is the APK file that will give the access to the game on your device. It contains the actual game and it is just small MB. Kindly click on it and wait till the downloading process finishes.

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Download the WWE 2k20 APK OBB data file

The file provided here has additional assets and resources to the game. This OBB file is a bit bigger than the previous link. The link below will give you access to get the file on your device. Kindly click on the link and wait for some moment the the process finishes.

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Download WWE 2K20 Mod APK

This actually a different file on its own. It is the hack version of WWE 2K20. This mod APK offers you free access to those features that are very hard to get on the original game. You have free access to money to upgrade your game character and lots more. If you are interested in getting the WWE 2K20 mod APK, you can simply click on the link below to download it.

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Gameplay Tips and Controls

Control the wrestlers easily using the responsive touchscreen buttons for grapples, strikes and taunts. Here are some useful tips:

  • Swipe to target and change opponents in matches
  • Tap repeatedly for quick strikes
  • Hold and release for powerful grapples
  • Flick gestures to climb turnbuckles for aerial moves
  • Use weapons and ladders for hardcore mayhem
  • Pin opponents after a finisher for the big win!

Familiarize yourself with the controls through the in-game tutorials to pull off amazing moves with ease.


Wrestling fans can now relive the authentic WWE 2K20 experience on the go using this APK download guide. So install the game now and recreate all your dream matches with an expansive roster!

Let me know if you face any issues installing the game. Get ready for an electrifying wrestling action!


Q. Is the WWE 2K20 APK legal?

A. The APK is only for educational purposes. You should own the original game.

Q. Will my progress be saved?

A. Yes, all your unlocked content and progress is automatically saved.

Q. How do I fix the “OBB data not found” error?

A. Re-install the APK and make sure to copy the OBB file to Android/OBB folder.

Q. Is a gamepad required?

A. No, the touchscreen controls work smoothly but a gamepad enhances gameplay.

Q. How much storage space does it need?

A. Around 2 GB free space is required to install the APK and OBB file.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

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