How To Reopen Your Ladbrokes Account

Have you previously had a Ladbrokes account that you closed or was closed by Ladbrokes? Don’t worry, it is possible to reopen your Ladbrokes account if you follow the right steps. Reopening your Ladbrokes account can give you access once again to Ladbrokes’ wide range of sports betting, casino games, poker and bingo offerings.


In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of how to reopen your Ladbrokes account. We will cover the reasons your account may have been closed, the step-by-step process for reopening your account, and tips for avoiding account closure in the future. By the end, you will know exactly how to reopen your Ladbrokes account smoothly.

Why Is My Ladbrokes Account Closed?

There are a few common reasons why Ladbrokes may close an account, including:

  • Responsible gambling violations – If you broke Ladbrokes’ responsible gambling policies, such as exceeding deposit limits, showing signs of problematic gambling behavior, or opening multiple accounts, Ladbrokes may close your account.
  • Suspected fraud or criminal activity – Any suspected illegal or fraudulent behavior linked to your account will cause Ladbrokes to immediately close your account. This includes things like money laundering, cheating, and using someone else’s payment details.
  • Account inactivity – If you don’t use your Ladbrokes account for a prolonged period, usually a minimum of 12 consecutive months, Ladbrokes may close your account due to inactivity.
  • Verification issues – Failing to provide identification documents when requested or providing false registration details can also lead to Ladbrokes closing your account.
  • Self-exclusion – If you voluntarily chose to self-exclude from Ladbrokes, your account will be closed for the period of your self-exclusion.
  • Moving to a restricted country – If you move to a country where Ladbrokes does not operate, your account will be closed. Ladbrokes currently operates in Great Britain, Ireland, and Gibraltar.

Knowing the reason your Ladbrokes account was closed will help you take the proper steps to reopen it successfully.

How To Reopen Your Ladbrokes Account Step-By-Step

Following these steps will guide you through the process of reopening your Ladbrokes account:

Step 1: Contact Ladbrokes Customer Support

The first step is to get in touch with Ladbrokes’ customer service team. You can do this through:

Explain your situation and request to reopen your closed account. The customer service representative can then begin assisting you.

Step 2: Discuss Your Account Closure

The customer service agent will want to understand why your account was originally closed. Be prepared to explain the reasons and circumstances around your account closure. Discussing this openly will help the agent determine if reopening your account is appropriate.

For example, if your account was closed due to problem gambling, the agent may request evidence you have successfully addressed this, like completion of a gambling addiction program.

Step 3: Update Your Personal Details

Provide the customer service representative with any details needed to reopen your account. This may include:

  • Full legal name
  • Current residential address
  • Updated contact information like phone number and email
  • Valid payment details

You may need to submit proof, like a utility bill, bank statement or government ID to verify your details. Providing complete and accurate information is crucial.

Step 4: Agree To Gamble Responsibly

A key part of reopening your Ladbrokes account is making a commitment to gamble responsibly going forward. The customer service agent will want you to expressly agree to following Ladbrokes’ responsible gambling policies.

This includes only gambling with money you can afford to lose, setting deposit limits, taking breaks in play if needed, and getting help if you show signs of problem gambling. Agreeing to gamble responsibly reassures Ladbrokes you will avoid issues in future.

Step 5: Pass Additional Verification Checks

In some cases, Ladbrokes may request additional verification to reopen your account, such as:

  • Submitting a copy of your photo ID
  • Providing a recent bank statement or utility bill
  • Completing electronic identity verification checks
  • Providing details of income and source of funds

Fully comply with any additional verification requested. Passing these checks demonstrates you are who you say you are and legitimately using your own payment methods.

Step 6: Receive Confirmation Your Account Is Reopened

Finally, the customer service rep will confirm if your Ladbrokes account can be reopened after reviewing your request, details and verification documents. If approved, you will receive a confirmation email that your Ladbrokes account is successfully reopened for use.

You can now login and start using your account again! Just be sure to follow all of Ladbrokes’ terms and conditions and gamble responsibly.

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Tips For Avoiding Account Closure Again

Here are some top tips to help you keep your reopened Ladbrokes account active long-term:

  • Stick to your deposit limits and loss limits. Don’t chase losses.
  • Be honest if you show any signs of problem gambling and get help.
  • Make sure any payment details used are your own legitimate methods.
  • Fully verify your identity and address if requested by Ladbrokes.
  • Never attempt to open multiple accounts.
  • Take breaks from gambling when needed.
  • Avoid sharing your account details with others.
  • Check your account regularly for any communication from Ladbrokes.
  • Contact customer service if you ever have any issues or concerns.

Following Ladbrokes’ responsible gambling policies and these tips will help ensure your account stays open and available to enjoy.

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What is the Minimum Deposit on Ladbrokes?

  • Debit/Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro) – £5 minimum deposit
  • PayPal – £5 minimum deposit
  • Paysafecard – £5 minimum deposit
  • Skrill – £10 minimum deposit
  • Neteller – £10 minimum deposit
  • Bank Transfer – £10 minimum deposit
  • Apple Pay – No minimum deposit
  • Google Pay – No minimum deposit

Does Ladbrokes Accept PayPal?

Yes, Deposits can be made via PayPal quickly and easily. Just log into your Ladbrokes account and select PayPal as the payment option.

How Long Does it Take Ladbrokes to Pay Out?

The payout speed at Ladbrokes depends on the withdrawal method used:

  • Debit/Credit Card Withdrawals: Typically take 2-5 working days to reach your account.
  • PayPal Withdrawals: Are usually processed within 24 hours and the funds appear in your PayPal account instantly.
  • Bank Transfer Withdrawals: Take 2-5 working days to clear into your bank account.
  • Cheque Withdrawals: Can take 5-10 working days to receive your cheque payment.


Reopening your Ladbrokes account is possible if you follow the step-by-step process outlined here. Make sure you prepare properly, provide accurate details, comply with all verification, and commit to gambling responsibly going forward.

If you do this, Ladbrokes will likely approve reopening your account so you can once again access its full range of industry-leading betting and gaming options. Just be sure to avoid making the same mistakes that originally got your account closed.

Reopening your Ladbrokes account also gives you a chance to redeem any bonuses or rewards you may have missed out on. Be sure to also check out new Ladbrokes products and features that may have launched since your account was closed.


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