What Does Void Mean In Sportsbet? 2024

Ever placed a bet on Sportsbet, only to have it mysteriously disappear in the name of a void game? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. But, what does void mean in sportsbet? The dreaded “void” status is a common occurrence in the world of online betting, leaving punters scratching their heads and wondering where their potential winnings went.


But fear not, fellow sports fans! This blog post is your guide to knowing what void bet is  and understanding why they happen.

What Does Void Mean In Sportsbet?

In Sportsbet, “void” refers to a bet that becomes invalid and cancelled, essentially making it vanish into the wind. This means your bet no longer stands, and you won’t win or lose money on it. It’s like placing a bet on a race that never happens.

Common Reasons For Void Bets 

  1. Event Cancellations or Postponements: This one’s a no-brainer. If the match, race, or tournament you bet on gets called off or rescheduled, your bet becomes void. Think of it as a temporary void, with the possibility of your bet being reactivated for the rescheduled event.
  1. Scratches and Withdrawals: Let’s say you bet on a racehorse to win, but they’re declared a non-runner before the race. Poof, your bet is void. The same applies to athletes who withdraw due to injury, illness, or disqualification.
  1. Technical Difficulties: Even the best online platforms experience glitches. If a technical issue affects your bet during placement or settlement, Sportsbet might need to void it to ensure fairness and accuracy. Think of it as a technological hiccup causing a temporary void in your betting journey.
  1. Rule Violations: Doping scandals, match-fixing, or any other violation of the competition’s rules can lead to voided bets. This protects the integrity of the event and ensures everyone plays by the book. In this case, the void acts as a safeguard against unfair or manipulated results.
  1. Palpable Errors: Sometimes, Sportsbet makes a mistake, like offering odds that are way off the mark. These “palpable errors” can lead to voided bets to prevent unfair advantages or losses. Think of it as a correction to ensure balance and fairness in the betting landscape.
  1. Incorrect Selections: If you accidentally choose the wrong participant or market, your bet might be voided. This is usually due to human error during bet placement, so double-check your selections before confirming!
  1. Market Closure: Occasionally, a betting market might be closed before the event is settled. This can happen due to various reasons, like technical issues or rule violations. In such cases, bets placed on that market will be void.
  1. Customer Requests: In some cases, Sportsbet might allow you to void a bet yourself before the event starts. This is usually done for genuine reasons like accidental placement or change of mind. Think of it as a safety net for punters who made a mistake.

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What Happens When A Bet Is Void?

When a bet is voided on Sportsbet, the outcome depends on whether it was a single bet, a multi-bet, or a Same Game Multi:

Single Bet:

  • Your stake is refunded back to your account. It’s like you never placed the bet in the first place.
  • This happens when the event is cancelled, postponed indefinitely, or the selection you chose is scratched/withdrawn.


  • The voided leg is removed from the multi.
  • The odds of the remaining legs are recalculated based on the updated selections.
  • Your potential payout will either increase or decrease depending on the new odds.
  • For example, if you had a 3-leg multi and one leg was voided, the payout would only consider the remaining two legs.

Same Game Multi:

  • If even one leg of a Same Game Multi is voided, the entire Same Game Multi becomes void.
  • Your entire stake is refunded back to your account.
  • However, if the Same Game Multi is part of a larger multi-bet, the rest of the multi stands and is settled based on the remaining legs.

What Happens If A Match Is Void In An Accumulator?

Here’s what happens when a match is void in an accumulator:

1. The Void Selection is Removed:

The match that’s voided is essentially taken out of the accumulator, as if it never existed. This means the odds and potential payout are recalculated based on the remaining selections.

2. Accumulator Recalculation:

Let’s say you placed a 5-fold accumulator with odds of 10/1 on each match. If one match is void, your bet becomes a 4-fold accumulator, and the odds are recalculated accordingly.

3. Refunds for Single Bets:

If you placed a single bet on the voided match, you’ll receive your stake back as a refund.

4. Multiple Bets Adjusted:

For multiple bets like doubles, trebles, etc., the void selection is removed, and the bet stands on the remaining selections. For example, a treble becomes a double, and a four-fold becomes a treble.

5. No Impact on Settled Bets:

If a match is voided after some of the bets in your accumulator have already settled (e.g., half-time result), those settled bets will stand, and only the remaining unsettled selections will be affected.

6. Acca Insurance and Promotions:

Some bookmakers offer “Acca Insurance” promotions, where you get your stake back as a free bet if one leg of your accumulator lets you down. However, these promotions often have specific terms and conditions, and void matches might not trigger the insurance. Check the terms of your bookmaker’s offers for clarification.

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What Happens If A Game Is Postponed In SportyBet?

When a game is postponed in SportyBet, the outcome depends on several factors, including the duration of the postponement and the specific circumstances surrounding it. Here’s a breakdown of the possibilities:

Short-term Postponement:

  • If the game is postponed for a short period (usually within the same week), your bet will still stand.
  • The game will be rescheduled, and your bet will be settled based on the outcome of the rescheduled match.
  • SportyBet will notify you of the rescheduled date and time.

Long-term Postponement:

  • If the game is postponed for a longer period (beyond the same week), your bet might be voided.
  • This depends on the specific rules and regulations of the event and the SportyBet terms and conditions.
  • In some cases, the game might be rescheduled for a later date, and your bet might still be valid.
  • However, if the game is cancelled altogether or rescheduled for a much later date, your bet will likely be voided, and your stake will be refunded back to your account.

What Happens If One Bet Is Void In A Multi?

When one bet is void in a multi on SportyBet, the specific outcome depends on whether it’s a regular multi-bet or a Same Game Multi:

Regular Multi-Bet:

  • Voided Leg Removed: The voided bet is simply removed from the multi. It’s like it never existed within the bet.
  • Odds Recalculation: The odds for the remaining matches are recalculated to reflect the adjusted multi. This means your potential payout will change, either increasing or decreasing, depending on the new odds.
  • Payout Based on Remaining Matches: If any of the remaining matches in the multi win, you’ll still receive a payout, but it will be based on the recalculated odds. The voided match won’t affect the outcome of the other matches.
  • Stake Refund in Specific Cases: If the multi only had a single match and it became void, your entire stake will be refunded back to your account.

Same Game Multi:

  • Entire Multi Voids: Unlike regular multi-bets, if even one leg of a Same Game Multi is void, the entire Same Game Multi becomes void.
  • Full Stake Refund: Your entire stake for the Same Game Multi will be refunded back to your account.
  • Exception for Larger Multis: However, if the Same Game Multi is part of a larger multi-bet, the rest of the multi stays valid, and the Same Game Multi is treated as a voided leg.

What Happens If A Bet Is Void In A Bet Builder?

The fate of a voided bet in a Bet Builder on SportyBet depends on the specific details of your bet and the reason for the void. Here’s a breakdown of the possibilities:

1. Single Selection Void:

  • If one selection within your Bet Builder becomes void due to reasons like player scratch, event cancellation, or technical error, the outcome depends on the number of remaining selections:
    • Two or More Selections Remaining: The void selection is simply removed, and the remaining selections are settled independently. Your potential payout will be calculated based on the odds of the remaining selections.
    • One Selection Remaining: The entire Bet Builder becomes void, and your stake is refunded back to your account.

2. Entire Bet Builder Void:

  • If all selections in your Bet Builder become void, the entire Bet Builder becomes void, and your stake is refunded. This can happen in rare cases like event cancellation or platform malfunction.

3. Exception for Specific Markets:

  • For specific markets like Soccer Bet Builder with player selections, if a chosen player doesn’t start the match, the selection might be considered void. However, in some cases, the Bet Builder might be recalculated with the remaining selections, depending on SportyBet’s terms and conditions for that specific market.

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How Is A Void Bet Calculated?

Calculating a void bet actually involves no calculation at all, because the bet essentially ceases to exist. It’s like erasing a bet from the record, with no impact on your winnings or losses.

Here’s how it works:

  • The void bet is removed from your betting history. It’s as if you never placed it in the first place.
  • Your stake is refunded back to your SportyBet account. You get back the exact amount you wagered on the voided bet.
  • The remaining bets in your multi-bet (if any) are recalculated based on their updated odds. This is because the voided bet’s odds no longer contribute to the overall potential payout.
  • If you had a single bet that became void, you simply receive your stake back. There are no calculations or adjustments involved.

So, instead of calculating a void bet, you’re simply undoing its presence and adjusting your overall potential winnings (if applicable) based on the remaining valid bets. It’s a simple process that ensures you don’t lose any money from a bet that couldn’t be settled.

Does A  Postponed Game Void A  Bet?

Whether a postponed game voids a bet depends on several factors:

1. Duration of the Postponement:

  • Short-Term Postponement: If the game is postponed for a short period (usually within the same week), your bet typically won’t be voided. The game will be rescheduled, and your bet will be settled based on the outcome of the rescheduled match.
  • Long-Term Postponement: If the game is postponed for a longer period (beyond the same week or indefinitely), your bet might be voided. The sportsbook will decide whether to void bets based on the specific circumstances, the sport’s governing body rules, and their terms and conditions.

2. Sportsbook’s Rules:

  • Each sportsbook has its own guidelines for handling postponed games. Check their terms and conditions for their specific policies.

3. Type of Bet:

  • Single Bets: If you placed a single bet on the postponed game, it will likely be voided if the game isn’t rescheduled within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Multi-Bets: If you included the postponed game in a multi-bet, the sportsbook might:
    • Void the entire multi-bet.
    • Remove the postponed game from the multi-bet and recalculate the odds for the remaining selections.

4. Sport and Governing Body:

  • Different sports and their governing bodies might have varied rules regarding postponed games and bet settlement.


With the help of this blog post, you have known what void means in sportsbet and Understanding these reasons can help you avoid frustration and make informed betting decisions. Always read the terms and conditions of each market before placing your bet, and keep an eye on any updates or changes that might affect your wager.

If you have any questions about a specific void bet on your Sportsbet account, their customer support team is always happy to help.

In the meantime, feel free to share your own experiences with voided bets in the comments below.


Do void bets get refunded?

Yes, void bets are typically refunded in Sportsbet and most other online betting platforms. This means you’ll get your stake back, ensuring you don’t lose money on a bet that couldn’t be settled fairly.

Do bets get voided if the player doesn’t play?

Always check the sportsbook’s terms and conditions for their specific rules on void bets.
Pay attention to player injury news and announcements before placing bets on individual player performance.
If you’re unsure about a bet’s status, contact the sportsbook’s customer support for clarification.
Consider betting on team-based outcomes if you want to avoid the risk of void bets due to individual player absences.

Can a bet get voided?

Yes, bets can be voided, or cancelled, under certain circumstances. This means the bet is essentially erased, and you don’t win or lose any money from it.

How long does it take for a game to be void?

Short-term postponements: Usually within a few hours, if the game is rescheduled within the same day or week.
Significant postponements or cancellations: Several hours to days, depending on the sport and investigations.
Technical issues: Can be resolved quickly (minutes or hours) if the issue is identified and addressed promptly.
Rule violations: Could take days or even weeks, depending on the investigation’s complexity.


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