Best Games For Girls to Download and Play Offline Android

The Top 10 Best Girls Games for Android Offline in 2023

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Hey girl, looking for some fun new games to play on your Android phone when you don’t have an internet connection? I feel you. We’ve all been there – stuck somewhere without WiFi or data, bored out of our minds. Well, I’ve got some good news for you! There are actually tons of amazing girls games you can download and play offline on your Android device. These games are specifically designed for girls (but of course boys can play too!) and provide hours of entertainment, no internet required.

In this blog post, I’ll share my top 10 picks for the best girls games for Android offline. I’ve played all of these games personally and can vouch that they are super fun and addicting. Plus, they cover a wide range of genres – everything from fashion and makeup to cooking and puzzles. So whether you’re looking for a relaxing game to unwind with or an exciting adventure to really get into, you’ll find something here you love.

Let’s dive right in! Here are my picks for the 10 best girls games for Android offline in 2023:

1. Cooking Fever

If you like games that let you build and manage your own restaurant empire, you’ll be hooked on Cooking Fever. This popular time management game lets you serve up meals in diners, food trucks, bakeries, and more. As you advance, you’ll unlock new locations, recipes, and decor to create your dream eateries. With 400 levels to beat, this game will keep you busy for hours!

Cooking Fever is completely free to download and play offline after the initial download. If you crave a little friendly competition, you can compete against other players once your internet connection is back. This game truly has something for every foodie out there. Download Cooking Fever if you’re craving a fresh new cooking challenge!

Download here

2. My Emma

My Emma is one of the most popular offline dress up games on the Google Play store – and for good reason. In this game, you adopt a little girl named Emma and help nurture her from birth through her teenage years. Dress her up, do her hair, decorate her house, and watch her grow!

This game really lets your creativity run wild. With so many outfit pieces and hairstyles to choose from, you can make Emma look however you want. Want to dress her up in a princess gown or make her look like a rockstar? You choose! Doing little tasks like feeding her or putting her to bed earns you coins to buy Emma new clothes and furniture.

If you’re looking for an addicting fashion game with lots of rewards and zero internet required, My Emma is a must-download. You’ll have so much fun designing Emma’s dream life from scratch!

Download here

3. Kitten Match

Alphabet and spelling games like Kitten Match are perfect for passing time offline. In this adorable game, your goal is to correctly match letters to spell out words and names. With each level, the words get more challenging. But luckily, hint bubbles float up regularly to give you a paw!

As you spell words correctly, you’ll collect coins to feed treats to the cutest little kittens. These furry friends will even help nudge letter blocks into the right places. With bright colors and fun music, Kitten Match makes learning spelling totally painless.

Kitten Match starts out easy enough for younger kids but becomes surprisingly tough on higher levels. If you’re someone who likes word games or wants to brush up on your spelling skills, give this one a try next time you’re offline!

Download here

4. Makeup Salon

Unleash your inner beauty guru with Makeup Salon! This popular makeup app lets you give virtual makeovers to cute cartoon girls. Choose eye shadows, lip colors, blush, eyeliner – you name it. You can even change your model’s hairstyle and dye her hair wild colors.

With hundreds of real makeup brands to choose from, the options are endless. Follow step-by-step tutorials to master new makeup techniques. Try out bold looks you’d never wear in real life just for fun! Makeup Salon is hugely satisfying for how realistic the makeup looks on your models.

So grab your makeup brushes and get creative with this addicting salon game. Making girls look beautiful never gets old.

Download here

5. Homescapes

For a decorating game that really lets your interior design skills shine, check out Homescapes. Your goal is to restore a creaky old mansion to its former glory by redoing each room. It’s up to you to pick the wallpaper, floors, furniture, and decor. You can really create some gorgeous living spaces!

As you fix up the house, you’ll also follow along with the homeowner Austin’s life in a fun match-3 puzzle storyline. Linking match-3 puzzle pieces will earn you coins to buy new furnishings and upgrades faster. With regular events and new renovation tasks added, Homescapes always feels fresh.

If designing dream houses and matching candy powerups sounds like a good time, Homescapes should definitely be on your offline games list!

Download here

6. My Candy Love

In the mood for a little romance? My Candy Love is a fun dating simulation game that lets you meet and fall for a cast of cute anime boys. Pick your outfits wisely and say the right things to win over your crush of choice!

This popular story game has multiple episodes, stories, and romantic options to explore. With new episodes added regularly, you’ll always have more romantic adventures to dive into when you’re back online. Think of it like an interactive romance novel!

Even when you’re offline, you can still design your avatar, read through the story, and get to know your suitors better. If you’ve ever dreamed of starring in your own anime love story, My Candy Love lets you make that fantasy a reality.

Get the game here

7. Delicious Emily’s True Love

Delicious Emily’s True Love combines time management restaurant thrills with an exciting romantic storyline. In this 9th addition to the Delicious Emily series, Emily is planning her dream wedding to Patrick!

As Emily, you’ll have to master juggling cafe responsibilities while also planning your special day. Through it all, you’ll follow along as Emily and Patrick’s love story unfolds over special restaurant days and cute story moments. With new chapters added all the time, it’s a game you’ll want to keep coming back to.

Like other time management games, Delicious Emily’s True Love moves fast. So get ready for an addicting offline experience you won’t want to put down!

8. Tabou Stories

If you’re looking for a game with a little more spice, Tabou Stories is a great choice. This interactive novel game lets you make decisions that lead to tempting romantic encounters. With hunky anime men and steamy storylines, things can get as taboo as you want!

Tabou Stories offers hundreds of tantalizing chapters to play through. Best of all, you’re in control of the naughty action. Make decisions that lead your character down more R-rated paths or keep things PG – it’s up to you! With new stories added all the time, your offline time will never get boring.

Just keep this sizzling game away from kids’ eyes! Tabou Stories is definitely rated M for Mature.

9. Love Nikki Dress UP Queen

Every girl’s inner fashion queen will adore Love Nikki Dress UP Queen. In this popular dress up game, you enter the fantasy kingdom of Miraland to create the most extravagant outfits.

With over 20,000 items of clothing, hairstyles, and accessories, the mix-and-match options are endless. Dress Nikki up for fashion battles, story events, and limited-time themed contests. Or just have fun playing dress up to your heart’s content!

Love Nikki also has an engaging storymode to play through even when you’re offline. Unlock dozens of princess dressup challenges and fun mini games. With gorgeous anime visuals and detailed clothing physics, looking good has never been so much fun.

10. Super Stylist

Rounding out my list is Super Stylist, a must-have game for aspiring fashion designers. Run your own clothing boutique and dress up customers like models on the runway. With 700+ clothing items, you have plenty of fashion options. Choose perfect tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories for each new client entering your shop.

This game ups the fun by letting you decorate your own boutique too! Make your shop reflect your unique style by picking the layout, wallpaper, music, and decor. You can even customize your avatar to look just how you want.

As your boutique grows, you’ll offer more clothes to satisfy customer requests. Style sisters, who are always in fashion fiascos, will become regulars! Stay busy and build your dream clothing shop with Super Stylist. No WiFi needed!

Conclusion: Let the Offline Fun Begin!

Well, those are my picks for the 10 best offline girls games for Android in 2023! From cooking and dress up to romance and decorating, you’re bound to find a game on this list you love.

Now grab your fully charged phone and get ready to dive into hours of offline entertainment. No more boredom when you’ve got this awesome lineup of games!

Which girl game sounded most fun to you? Or do you have another favorite offline Android game for girls that should be on this list? Let me know in the comments below! I’m always looking for new amazing games to try when I’m stuck offline and wanna have fun.

So what are you waiting for? Go get to gaming, girl! Your awesome offline adventures await.


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