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Have you been yearning to play FTS 2020 Mod APK (First Touch Soccer )  on your Android device using the obb data + apk file? If you answered yes, we will provide you a link to download first touch soccer (FTS 20). FTS 20 mod apk is one of the newest Android games, and I’m sure it will be unfamiliar to some players in terms of functionality and features. Although it is similar to other football games, its features a high-quality graphic presentation.

This article will walk you through the process of downloading and installing First Touch Soccer 2020 mod apk + OBB on your Android phone, as well as how to play it without a hitch. All you need to do is thoroughly follow this article

You can actually skip the review section and get directly to the installation method , but if you’re interested in learning more about First Touch Soccer FTS 20 mod apk data + obb file, continue reading.

What you need to know about the First Touch Soccer 2020 mod apk

First Touch Soccer 2020 (FTS 2020 mod apk ) is one of the football games available for an Android phone with a high-definition display. FTS 20 was created from FTS 19 by updating the graphics and adding new features such as a user-friendly game control that allows for seamless gameplay in terms of shooting and more. In comparison to FTS 2019, the FTS 20 mod does not require any data entry.

First Touch Soccer 2020 Mod ( FTS 2020 Mod apk)

FTS 20 Mod is a completely offline game that has been adjusted in terms of money and coin so that you can obtain any player you want, use it to renovate your stadium, acquire new kits, and much more. The interface of FTS 20 has been updated to provide a more user-friendly interface, by which I mean simple button control.

First Touch Soccer 2020 mod apk includes all of Europe’s major clubs, including those in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Spain, and France.

First Touch Soccer 2020 mod apk includes the following special features:

Coins are endless: after the game was modified

You now have access to an unlimited number of coins. With unlimited coins, you can purchase more players or increase a player’s abilities.

The majority of people watch football games, however the majority of stadiums are out of date. If you download FTS 20 mod apk, you may notice certain changes to the stadium design (like grass, sitting arrangements and more).

Display of high-quality graphics

If you want to enjoy a football game on your smartphone with a high-quality graphic display, you should choose for FTS 20 rather than FIFA 2020 iso ppsspp.

The patching of player transfers

As previously stated, you have an unlimited number of coins, which enable you to engage in player transfers. That is, you can purchase a player from another team. It can be used to improve a player’s talents.
The commentary is much more rapid, and certain teams have gained fresh context.

Buttons have been modified to improve the game’s overall experience and to incorporate some fantastic new features.

Requirements for downloading and playing FTS 2020 mod apk

Android OS version 4.2 or above

Zarchiver pro apk or an other unzipping program

Internal storage must be at least 3GB.

A minimum of 2GB RAM is required to successfully run the game.

FTS 20 mod apk information


Modified version of First Touch Soccer 2020 (FTS 2020 mod apk)

Size of the game: 270Mb in zip file

X2 Game studio is the game’s developer.

Modes of play: completely offline


Download First Touch Soccer (FTS 2020 Mod Apk) + Obb Data File for Android

The links below are the direct to download FTS 2020 mod apk as well as the obb data file

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How to install FTS 2020 mod apk + obb data file

You can download the FTS 2020 mod apk+ obb data file from the link provided above. Once you’ve installed Zarchiver apk on your smartphone, proceed to the unzip stage; if you don’t already have it, click the above link to download Zarchiver pro apk.

Now, navigate to the browser you used to download the files, click on download, and finally on the game>> you will see a pop-up window, simply select any unzipping tool you like such as Zarchiver and extract the FTS 20 mod apk to a spot you will remember so that you do not mix things up.

Once the folder has been extracted, locate it and click on the FTS 20 apk app for installation; verify that it has been installed and do not click on run; instead, click on the done button to close the installer.

Return to the previous folder and copy the extracted FTS 20 folder to the obb folder.

When relocating, ensure that it is placed in internal storage in a manner similar to this.

Internal storage>> Android> OBB folder and copy it there.

To obtain the most recent player transfer, open the Save-Data FTS 2020 Zip file by browsing to the Android folder and clicking on the data folder.

Once that is complete, navigate to your launcher and launch the FTS 2020 mod apk app to begin playing.


First Touch Soccer 2020 is one of the top football games available for offline play on Android devices. You may get FTS 2020 mod apk from the link above and begin enjoying high-quality graphic display games on your Android devices.

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