Download FTS 20 Apk Mod Data (First Touch Soccer 2020) Offline

Play First Touch Soccer (FTS) 2020 Mod on Android


Hey soccer fans! Have you been yearning to play FTS 20 Mod APK on your Android device? If that is true, then I have a very good news for you. You can now enjoy unlimited features of First Touch Soccer 2020 on your mobile phone. So, if you are kind searching for the mod version of the game, kindly search no more coz I’ve got you covered.

In this detailed guide, I’ll be sharing you how to download and install the awesome First Touch Soccer 2020 (FTS 20) mod APK on your Android device. With this modded version you can enjoy unlimited money, all player unlocks and other cool hacks for free! The most interesting part is that I have provided all the necessary files that you will need to download and play the game on your mobile devices. Kindly stay tuned and read through the whole article.

So lace up your virtual boots, and let’s get ready to play some insanely addictive soccer. Let’s begin!

Overview of First Touch Soccer 2020

First Touch Soccer 2020 for APK is the latest installment in the popular mobile soccer franchise from X2 Games. It offers smooth, realistic gameplay and great graphics that look amazing on Android devices.

FTS 2020 features realistically modeled players, responsive controls, online multiplayer and tournaments you can participate in. The modded APK takes the experience to the next level by removing all limitations!

You get unlimited money to build your ultimate dream team, all players unlocked, skill boosts and more. It’s the definitive way to play FTS 20 on mobile!

Awesome Features of the FTS 2020 Mod APK

Let’s look at some of the cool features you get with this modded version:

  • Unlimited money to buy top superstar players
  • All players unlocked from the start
  • Max level and skill upgrades
  • One touch goal shots and passes
  • No energy consumption for sprinting
  • Unlocked VIP access with cool items
  • Works offline, no internet needed

With these awesome mods at your disposal, you can build a unbeatable team to dominate the field and have unlimited soccer fun!

Screenshots of the Gameplay

I do believe that your imagination would have been filled with how exactly the game is gonna look like. Stay calm! The game is such an amazing one as it looks more realistic than you could ever imagine. You can a look at some of the screenshots of the live gameplay below.








Download & Install the FTS 2020 Mod APK

Having to known all the thrilling features and the requirement to meet to play the APK game, the next process is to download and install the FTS 2020 Mod APK on your Android or tablet. Basically, you will just two files to have the game on your Android: APK file and OBB data. Interestingly, I have provided all the links you need to download all the files here. Check the links in the below sections and navigate on them.

Download the FTS 2020 Mod APK File

The first and the most important process is to download the necessary files needed to play of the game and move on to the next step. The link provided below is the APK file that will give the access to the game on your device. It contains the actual game and it is very small in size. Kindly click on it and wait till the downloading process finishes.

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Download the FTS 2020 Mod APK OBB data file

The file provided here has additional assets and resources to the game. It is a bit bigger than the previous file above. The link below will give you access to get the file on your device. Kindly click on the link and wait for some moment the the process finishes.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef2e2d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Download OBB data here[/su_button]

Download Save Data

In order for you have access to the features of the game, you can also download the save file below.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef2e2d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Download Save Data here to get latest player updates[/su_button]

Gameplay and Controls

The gameplay mechanics and controls are the same smooth, intuitive experience as the normal version. Here are some tips:

  • Swipe on the left side of the screen to move players.
  • Tap on the right to kick and perform skill moves.
  • Use sprint and feint buttons wisely during dribbling.
  • Time your taps for accurate shooting, passing and crosses.
  • Execute perfect penalty kicks by tapping the spinning ball.
  • Customize controls and practice to develop skills.

I recommend playing the practice modes initially to get a better hang of the controls before jumping into matches. Have fun scoring curling free kicks!


The First Touch Soccer 2020 mod APK delivers an incredible mobile soccer gaming experience through unlimited money and all unlocks. Follow this guide to get it installed now without any hassles!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy building your dream squad and dominating the pitch. Let me know if you face any issues downloading or installing it. Take care and keep the goals flowing!


Here are answers to some common questions about the FTS 2020 mod:

1. Is the modded APK safe to download?

Yes, absolutely. I personally scan every file for malware before sharing.

2. Will my account get banned for using this?

There is a very minor risk. To be fully safe, create a new account with different Google Play linked email.

3. Does the unlimited money work online?

Yes, you can use the modded money online for purchases.

4. How do I restore my original game data?

Just uninstall the modded app and do a fresh install of official FTS 20 from Play Store.

5. Does the mod drain battery faster?

No, the battery usage remains unchanged as the core gameplay is unaffected.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


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