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Hey fellow gamer! Are you a fan of fighting games? I am pleased to inform you that the latest Tekken 5 PPSSPP is now available for you to play on Android device.  If you care about experiencing the adrenaline rush of smash mouth battles on your Android phone, then you would love this article guide. Keep on reading as I show you how to download and play the legendary Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection on mobile using PPSSPP emulator.

In this post, I provide a step-by-step guide to download and install Tekken 5 highly compressed ISO file on your Android smartphone or tablet. I also share tips to optimize graphics, import saves and have the best gameplay experience. So let’s get right into it!

Overview Tekken 5 for PPSSPP (things you need to know)

First released in arcades in 2004, Tekken 5 is the fifth installment in the popular Tekken fighting game franchise developed by Namco. It was later ported to PS2 in 2005 with enhanced graphics and extra content.

The game features over 30 playable fighters with unique fighting styles and deadly moves. The robust roster includes classics like Kazuya, Jin, Heihachi, Law, Paul as well as new faces like Asuka and Feng.

Tekken 5 takes place after the events of Tekken 4 and marks the return of crowd favorite Heihachi Mishima. The game introduces new stage designs with more interactivity compared to previous versions.

With its addictive gameplay, jaw-dropping combos and rocking beats, Tekken 5 takes the fight to the next level! Millions of gamers around the world have enjoyed smashing buttons on their controllers while playing this fighting classic.

Thanks to PPSSPP emulator, you can now experience the same adrenaline pumping action on your Android device. The ability to play a PlayStation 2 level game on a smartphone is just mind blowing!

Curious to know more? Read on as I provide gameplay details, system requirements, download links and step-by-step guide to install Tekken 5 ISO on Android using PPSSPP. Let’s do this!

Thrilling Features of Tekken 5 PPSSPP Game

Before jumping into the installation process, let me give you a quick rundown of some cool features and elements that make Tekken 5 a standout fighting game:

  • 35 unique playable fighters like Jin, Heihachi, Steve, King, Anna etc.
  • Special moves and combos for each fighter to master
  • Awesome stage environments with more interactivity
  • Rage system that provides damage boost when health is low
  • Varied game modes like Arcade Battle, Time Attack, Survival etc.
  • Cool minigames like Bowling between fights
  • Spectacular graphics and visual effects
  • Thumping background music to pump up players
  • Unlockable items and costumes as you progress
  • Smooth 60fps gameplay ideal for mobile

With so much content and replayability, Tekken 5 offers hours of gaming fun. And using the PPSSPP app, you can enjoy all of it on the go on your Android smartphone or tablet!

Device Requirements

Since Tekken 5 is a PlayStation 2 port, it is a fairly demanding game in terms of hardware requirements. Here is what you need for smooth performance:

  • Android 5.0 or higher
  • 2GB RAM or higher
  • Snapdragon 600 series chipset or equivalent
  • Adreno 300 series GPU or higher
  • 2GB free storage space

As long as your device meets these requirements, Tekken 5 should run at full frame rate without lag or stutters. I would recommend 3GB RAM for best results. The game is quite well optimized for mobile thanks to PPSSPP.

Screenshots of the Gameplay

Below are some of the live screenshots of the game. You can also check out to know what you are going to experience in the game.

Tekken V


Dark Resurrection


Tekken 5 PPSSPP

Download the ISO Compressed File and PPSSPP Emulator

I hope you have gone through the features and device requirements for the game. So, the next step is to download the compressed version of the game and emulator to run it. Below are the most important files you’ll need to download before having the game run on your phone/tablet:

  • The Tekken 5 ISO file
  • PPSSPP emulator app

I’m happy  to inform you that the two files links are provided here  and you can get them for free without being redirected to another site.

Download Tekken ISO file for PPSSPP Highly Compressed 200MB

The first file here is the ISO file 7z of the game.  Actually, the original game has a big file but I have compressed the one uploaded here. Now, you can download Tekken 5 ISO zip file 7z on mediafire in just 200MB. If you are willing to get the game now, use the link below to download compressed version of Dark Resurrection ISO PPSSPP ROM free English version from mediafire.

[su_button url=”,Fr,De,Es,It).zip” target=”blank” background=”#ef2e2d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Download Tekken 5 PPSSPP[/su_button]

Download the PPSSPP Emulator for Android

Having got the ISO file from mediafire, the next thing is to run the game on your phone smoothly. So, you have to install this popular PPSSPP emulator app on your device to be able to play the game. I would like to recommend the latest Gold version for best compatibility. You can download the PPSSPP emulator for your Android through this link.

[su_button url=”” target=”blank” background=”#ef2e2d” size=”6″ wide=”yes” center=”yes”]Download PPSSPP Emulator[/su_button]

How to Install Tekken 5 ISO on Android

Here are the steps to install and run Tekken 5 on your Android smartphone or tablet using PPSSPP:

  1. Install PPSSPP emulator if not already done. Just download the apk and install it.
  2. Now download the Tekken 5 ISO file on your device from the link above.
  3. Go to internal storage and locate the downloaded ISO file. Long press it and select Extract.
  4. The ISO will be extracted to a folder. Launch PPSSPP and go to Game Settings. Set Frame Skipping to 1.
  5. Go back and tap on ‘Load Game’. Browse and select the ISO folder.
  6. Tap on the ‘Tekken 5’ file. The game will start loading.
  7. Once loaded, tap ‘New Game’ to begin playing!

It just takes a few minutes to install and launch the game this way. The initial load time will be slightly longer, after that it will be quick.

Customize graphics settings in PPSSPP for best performance on your device. With these simple steps, you can enjoy Tekken 5 on the go on your Android!

How to Import Saves and Textures in Tekken 5

As you progress in Tekken 5, you will want to save your unlocked characters, game mode progress etc.

Instead of manual in-game saves, you can use the Save States feature in PPSSPP. Just go to Recent Games > Tekken 5 and tap Save State to instantly save progress.

To load saves, go to Load State and pick the slot you want. This is faster than in-game saving!

You can also import actual game save data files by copying them to the PPSSPP Saves folder on your device. Similarly for textures, copy files to the Textures folder.

Importing stuff like unlocked characters, costumes etc. can enhance your gameplay experience. Just locate the Saves and Textures folders in PPSSPP and copy files there.


From addictive combat to the signature Mishima drama, Tekken 5 takes fighting games to an all new level of intensity and fun. Thanks to PPSSPP, you can now experience the same legendary Tekken gameplay on the go on your Android smartphone and tablet.

With the download links and installation instructions provided in this post, you can easily get Tekken 5 up and running on your mobile device. Just meet the minimum system requirements for smooth performance and optimal graphics.

So go ahead, download the ISO, load it up in PPSSPP and start juggling opponents while unleashing deadly 10-hit combos! Pick your favorite fighter and enter the King of Iron Fist Tournament. The battle for the Mishima Zaibatsu begins now!

I hope this detailed guide helped you install Tekken 5 PPSSPP on your Android. Let me know if you face any issues or have additional queries. Share your experience reliving this iconic fighting game on your mobile device!

5 FAQs about Tekken 5 PPSSPP

Here are answers to some common questions about running Tekken 5 using PPSSPP on Android:

Q1. How to fix lag, freeze and graphics glitches?

A. Adjust graphics settings in PPSSPP like frameskip, resolution etc. Also make sure your device meets system requirements.

Q2. Can I play Tekken 5 ISO on 2GB RAM phone?

A. Yes but you may face performance issues. 3GB RAM or higher is recommended for smooth gameplay.

Q3. Does Tekken 5 PPSSPP support multiplayer?

A. No, multiplayer is not available. Only single player modes are supported.

Q4. How can I unlock all characters in Tekken 5 on PPSSPP?

A. Use unlocked save data file and copy it to the Saves folder in PPSSPP directory.

Q5. Is Tekken 5 available for free download?

A. No, you can only get it from legal sources. Illegal download is not recommended.

I hope these tips help you get the best experience playing Tekken 5 on Android! Let me know if you have any other queries.


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