Best PPSSPP Open World Games for Android

Enjoy the TopĀ PPSSPP Open World Games for Android

Best PPSSPP Open World Games for Android


Do you wish to know the top Open World PPSSPP for Android? Stay tuned as I share you everything about this game genre. Open world games grant players freedom to explore rich landscapes at their own pace.

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the best open world games available on the PSP that you should check out on your Android phone or tablet. We’ll explore titles across various genres from action adventures to roleplaying games where you can wander sprawling worlds.

Whether you want to traverse fantasy realms, historical cities, or modern metropolises, the PSP offered immersive handheld sandboxes worth revisiting on mobile via emulation. Read on for the ultimate open world portable experiences!

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

This ambitious Grand Theft Auto story exclusively made for PSP successfully condenses the massive 3D open world action of GTA III into a portable form without losing scope or fun.

What makes it special:

  • Original new GTA story and world tailored for PSP.
  • Same open world gameplay translated smoothly to handheld.
  • Customize your character with clothes and tattoos.
  • Radio stations with hours of licensed music while driving.
  • Runs great on Android phones and tablets via PPSSPP.

Liberty City Stories proved handhelds could deliver impressive open world experiences comparable to console with the right compromises.

Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy

This charming LEGO take on the classic Star Wars films allows you to freely explore locations like Tatooine, Death Star, Cloud City, and more while collecting bricks and unlocking characters.

Why it’s fun:

  • Adorable LEGO re-telling of the iconic original trilogy story.
  • Expansive hub worlds full of secrets to discover.
  • Local co-op multiplayer support.
  • Hilarious slapstick humor throughout.
  • Perfect Star Wars game for younger gamers.

Lego Star Wars II remains one of the best kid-friendly open world games that’s engaging for all ages – especially Star Wars fans.

Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

Bloodlines condenses the open world parkour gameplay and historical world of Assassin’s Creed 1 into PSP form – impressive considering the technical limitations it worked within.

What makes it notable:

  • Faithful condensation of Assassin’s Creed 1 for PSP.
  • Perform assassinations across large sandbox cities.
  • Streamlined parkour movement and combat.
  • Interesting story bridging AC1 and AC2.
  • Technically impressive for a handheld.

Bloodlines overcame hardware limitations to deliver a competent portable Assassin’s Creed experience bringing the core open world gameplay to handhelds.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Another impressive entirely original GTA story crafted exclusively for PSP – this time revisiting the neon 1980s Miami aesthetic of Vice City with a new tale and cast of criminals.

What makes it fun:

  • Huge open world version of Vice City full of detail.
  • Massive array of weapons and vehicles at your disposal.
  • New characters and criminal enterprises to take over.
  • 1980s soundtrack captures the era beautifully.
  • Runs great on Android phones and tablets via PPSSPP.

Vice City Stories gave players a chance to explore a familiar open world from a fresh new perspective thanks to excellent world building.


While derided on consoles, Driv3r found a nice home on PSP with open city driving gameplay condensed into tailored handheld-friendly missions. The driving and foot chase mechanics still impress.

Why it’s interesting:

  • 30+ vehicles to drive across 3 detailed international cities.
  • Immersive crime-themed missions.
  • Impressive foot chase sequences.
  • Unlock mini-games like Survival mode.
  • Small customizations for your character.

Driv3r ended up being an ahead of its time impressive handheld open world experience thanks to focused effort condensing the console version.

Medal of Honor Heroes

Heroes brought surprisingly accurate wide open battleground gameplay with destructible cover to the PSP alongside large detailed levels spanning France to Africa.

What made it stand out:

  • Huge open battle arenas complement the tactical WWII gameplay.
  • 24 levels across 6 campaigns to conquer.
  • Authentic set of WWII firearms to utilize.
  • 4 player local wireless multiplayer matches.
  • Impressive visuals for PSP.

The wide open design ideology in Heroes’ levels brought a surprising amount of scope to a handheld FPS.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars returned GTA to its top-down roots with an original crime story set across a massive Liberty City open world full of side activities and collectibles to seek out.

Why it’s great:

  • Vast open world Liberty City modeled after New York City.
  • Addictive drug dealing system.
  • Entertaining minigames like hotwiring cars.
  • Main story spans over 20 hours of gameplay.
  • Includes Independence FM radio station with music.

Chinatown Wars massive retro-styled open world holds up incredibly well, playing beautifully on Android via PPSSPP.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

LEGO Batman 2 offered a fun lighthearted open world take on Gotham City with a rich cast of DC superheroes and villains. Exploring and fighting crime together remains engaging.

Standout features:

  • Large Lego Gotham City hub world.
  • Humorous comic book story with Batman, Superman, and more.
  • Local 2 player co-op drop in/out support.
  • Collect endless LEGO studs and bricks scattered around.
  • Free roam after beating the story to clean up collectibles.

LEGO Batman 2 is perfect for superhero fans young and old to freely explore and protect Gotham brick by brick either solo or cooperatively.


The PSP proved handhelds could deliver engrossing open world experiences, as we’ve seen by these many great examples now playable on Android via PPSSPP emulation. From sprawling crime cities in GTA to vast battlefields in Medal of Honor, devs found ways to bring greater scope and exploration freedom to the limited hardware. For on the go gaming, these PSP open worlds are still a joy to get lost in thanks to their strategic streamlining and focus.


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