GTA 5 PPSSPP ISO File Download (GTA V PSP) Highly Compressed

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) PPSSPP for Android


Hello fellow GTA fan! Are you searching for the latest GTA 5 PPSSPP for Android? Then I have a good news for you! I am pleased to inform you that Grand Theft Auto V is now available for Android users and can be play with PPSSPP emulator. If you’d like get the game for your smartphone, kindly stay tuned as I share you everything you need to know about this amazing game.


In this guide, I’ll provide all you need to know to download and install GTA 5 on your Android device using PPSSPP. We’ll go over the game’s standout features, system requirements, download links, installation steps, and tips for transferring save data.

Towards the middle of this article, I have provided the the mediafire link to download GTA V PPSSPP ISO file 7z for free. Not only this, you will also have access to the latest PPSSPP emulator to run the game smoothly on you Android smartphone. Stay tuned and read this guide till the end.

Overview and Key Features of Grand Theft Auto V

Just like other GTA  game series such as Chinatown War, Vice City Story and other, most PSP gamers can attest that GTA 5 also revolutionized the gaming world when it was launched some years ago. The game lets players roam free in a stunning 3D open world for the first time. Now, thanks to the magic of PPSSPP emulation, you can explore the dark streets of Liberty City right on your Android phone or tablet.

One great thing about playing GTA 5 on PPSSPP is that it works well on most mobile and tablets, giving you a a great gaming experience. People who use the emulator can also change the colors and controls to their liking, which makes the game even more fun. Apart from this, the following are other awesome and key features GTA 5 on PPSSPP:

  • Huge open world – explore 3 massive islands of Liberty City however you want.
  • 80+ vehicles – cars, trucks, tanks, you name it. Commandeer any set of wheels.
  • 30+ weapons – pistols, Uzis, flamethrowers, even rocket launchers. Wreak havoc.
  • 30+ story missions – work your way up the ranks of the criminal underworld.
  • Diverse radio stations – with classic rock, hip hop, pop and more.
  • Ragdoll physics – send enemies hilariously flying with over-the-top damage.
  • Wanted system – try to escape the long arm of the law when your chaos gets noticed.

System Requirements

GTA 5 was made for the PlayStation era, so it isn’t too demanding for PPSSPP on Android. But you will still need:

  • Android 5.0 or newer
  • Snapdragon 660 chipset or equivalent
  • 2GB of RAM
  • 2GB of storage space
  • PPSSPP app (newest version recommended)

As long as your phone meets these modest requirements, you should have a smooth GTA V experience. Some higher settings may cause lag on budget phones. Just adjust the graphics configs as needed.

Screenshots of the Gameplay

Below are some of the live screenshots of the game. You can also check out to know what you are going to experience in the game.

gta v ppsspp iso file 7z download
gta v ppsspp iso highly compressed
gta 5 ppsspp

Download the ISO Compressed File and PPSSPP Emulator

I hope you have gone through the features and device requirements for the game. So, the next step is to download the compressed version of the game and emulator to run it. Below are the most important files you’ll need to download before having the game run on your phone/tablet:

  • The GTA V ISO file
  • PPSSPP emulator app

I’m happy  to inform you that the two files links are provided here  and you can get them for free without being redirected to another site.

Download GTA 5 ISO file for PPSSPP Highly Compressed

The first file here is the ISO file 7z of the game.  Actually, the original game has a big file but I have compressed the one uploaded here. Now, you can download GTA V ISO zip file 7z on mediafire in just 300MB. If you are willing to get the game now, use the link below to download compressed version of GTA V ISO PPSSPP ROM free English version from mediafire.

Download the PPSSPP Emulator for Android

Having got the ISO file from mediafire, the next thing is to run the game on your phone smoothly. So, you have to install this popular PPSSPP emulator app on your device to be able to play the game. I would like to recommend the latest Gold version for best compatibility. You can download the PPSSPP emulator on official site or through the link below.

How to Install GTA 5 for PPSSPP on Android

Once you have the above files downloaded, follow these steps to get GTA 5 up and running:

  1. Install PPSSPP if you don’t already have it. Launch the app.
  2. In PPSSPP, go to Load Content and find the GTA 5 ISO. Select and load it.
  3. On first launch, you can adjust graphics and controls in Settings.
  4. Tap “New Game” on the title screen to begin your awesome City rampage!
  5. When done playing, close the game normally and exit PPSSPP. Your progress auto-saves.

That’s all there is to it! Just open PPSSPP and load the ISO whenever you want to dive back into Liberty City mayhem on the go. Have fun!

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Transferring Saves and Unlocked Content

As you play GTA V, you’ll unlock new missions, and items. To transfer these across devices, you need to export and import some files.

For Save Data:

1. Locate the PPSSPP save data on your old device, usually in PPSSPP/PSP/SAVE directory.

2. Copy this save folder to Google Drive or transfer it to the new device.

3. On the new device, place the save folder in the same location.

4. Load the game ISO in PPSSPP. Your saves will sync automatically.

For Unlocked Content:

1. Go to PPSSPP settings on old device and choose Tools > Export PSP virtual memory stick.

2. Copy the exported MEMSTICK folder to your new device via cloud or file transfer.

3. On the new device, import this MEMSTICK folder via Tools > Import PSP virtual memory stick.

4. Reload the game in PPSSPP and your unlocked content will carry over.

This lets you continue right where you left off when changing devices. Just don’t forget to transfer the crucial save and MEMSTICK data.

Following these steps allows you to seamlessly continue your gameplay where you left off even when switching devices.

How many GB is GTA 5 compressed?

The compressed size of GTA 5 can vary greatly depending on the level of compression and what content is included. Here’s a breakdown:

Official Install Size:

  • Steam: 89.02 GB (as of January 11, 2024)
  • Epic Games Store: 82.2 GB (as of January 11, 2024)
  • Other platforms: Sizes may differ slightly.

Compressed Versions:

  • Third-party compression: You may find compressed versions of GTA 5 online, ranging from around 30 GB to even less. However, these typically involve sacrifices:
    • Removed content: Audio tracks, textures, or entire game modes might be missing.
    • Lower quality: Textures may be downgraded, leading to a worse visual experience.
    • Stability issues: Compressed versions may be more prone to bugs and crashes.
    • Legality: Downloading pirated copies of games is illegal and unethical.


  • If you have reliable internet and sufficient storage space, downloading the official version is recommended for the best experience and stability.
  • If you have limited bandwidth or storage space, consider official launcher options like downloading updates or high-resolution textures selectively.
  • Be cautious about compressed versions from third-party sources, as they might compromise quality, stability, or legality.

Ultimately, the ideal compressed size for you depends on your priorities and limitations. Weigh the trade-offs of file size reduction against potential sacrifices in content and quality before choosing a compressed version.

Which GTA Can I Play on PPSSPP?

Unfortunately, PPSSPP, a PSP emulator, cannot run Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5). GTA 5 was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and later for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, all significantly more powerful platforms than the PlayStation Portable (PSP).

However, you can play several other Grand Theft Auto titles on PPSSPP! Here are some options:

  • Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005): This PSP prequel to GTA 3 takes place in Liberty City three years before the events of the main game. It features a smaller map but retains the classic GTA gameplay.
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006): Another PSP prequel, Vice City Stories takes place in 1984 Vice City two years before the events of GTA: Vice City. It features a vibrant 80s setting and a story focused on Victor Vance, a former soldier building a criminal empire.
  • Grand Theft Auto (2001): The original Grand Theft Auto made its way to the PSP in 2004 with enhanced visuals and controls. It’s a great way to experience the classic open-world gameplay that started it all.

These are just a few of the Grand Theft Auto games you can play on PPSSPP. There are also some fan-made mods and ports available, such as the Grand Theft Auto 2 port. It’s important to note that downloading ROMs for games you don’t own is illegal, so make sure you have the necessary files before playing.

Can We Play GTA 5 on PSP 3000?

Unfortunately, no, you cannot play Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) on a PSP 3000 for several reasons:

Technical limitations:

  • Hardware: The PSP 3000 simply doesn’t have the processing power, RAM, or graphics capabilities to run GTA 5, which is a significantly more demanding game than anything released for the platform.
  • Software: GTA 5 was never developed for the PSP, and there’s no official or reliable third-party port available.

Additional hurdles:

  • Open-world size and complexity: GTA 5’s vast open world, detailed textures, and large number of characters and vehicles would be impossible to replicate on the PSP’s limited hardware.
  • Controls: Adapting GTA 5’s complex control scheme to the PSP’s analog stick and buttons would be challenging.

Therefore, playing GTA 5 on a PSP 3000 is simply not feasible. However, there are several other Grand Theft Auto games you can enjoy on the PSP, like Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. These offer similar open-world gameplay and classic GTA experiences in a format optimized for the PSP hardware.


After some years, GTA 5 remains a classic due to its groundbreaking open world gameplay that gave players unprecedented freedom. Now Android users can experience this iconic title through PPSSPP emulation and explore Liberty City on the go.

Just make sure your device meets the minimum requirements and follow the installation guide above. Also remember to transfer saves whenever switching phones. The darkly chaotic world of GTA 5 awaits – so get out there and cause some mayhem!

Let me know if you have any other questions about running this classic game on your Android.


Does GTA 5 run well on all Android devices?

It runs best on mid-range and flagship phones. Older/budget phones may have performance issues. Adjust graphics settings as needed.

Is there a mobile version of GTA 5?

Yes! You can play the game on mobile through PPSSPP emulator.

Do I Need a Controller to Play GTA 5 on Mobile?

Touch controls work fine, but a Bluetooth controller like the DualShock 4 can improve the experience.

Can I Play the Original PS2 Disc Copy on Android?

No, you need the ISO ROM file. Physical discs cannot be used on mobile devices.

Does GTA 5 Support Online Multiplayer on Mobile?

Unfortunately no, only single player modes are available in the emulated version.

What is the password for gta 5 by games scientist.7z?

The password is GAMES SCIENTIST. Make sure it is written in upper case.


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