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Hello fellow GTA lovers. We are here to enjoy another awesome content on this series.  But before that we do, lemme asked you; Are you searching for GTA 5 ISO PPSSPP download for android? If the answer is YES, then I would advice you search no more cox you are already on the right page to get the mediafire link that contains the PPSSPP highly compressed file of the game. This posts the description of GTA 5 for PPSSPP, the requirements to meet before downloading the game. Again, I have provided the links to download other files you will need to set up the game before playing.

Therefore, if you are the kind searching for an adventurous games to keep yourself busy at your leisure time, you should then be rest assured that this post is specifically meant for you. 

At the same time, you can have access to the PPSSPP GTA 5 zip file download Android in just 300mb or the highly compressed ISO download link of just 10mb. GTA V iso file for ppsspp download highly compressed is also available in this content.

GTA V PSP Highly Compressed Zip File Android

In recent years, the Android smartphone has improved steadily. More and more apps are being created for Android smartphones by developers. Google Play has a plethora of games, many of which are free to download if you’re a gamer. One of the best graphics games is gta V apk and PPSSPP

GTA V PPSSPP is an Android game that emulates the controls of the PSP. The game will give you full access to the game’s features, but the controls will be similar to those on a PlayStation controller. Controls have been refined, making this game more enjoyable to play.

There are several moves and movements in this game, involving the use of numerous buttons. It’s easy to see in the original of the game that the buttons are too close together, which can lead to frustrating moments of gaming.

Because of the proximity of the game controls, you can accidentally hit something else when you meant to press a separate action button.

In order to make it easier for players, GTA 5 PPSSPP ISO version has well-placed controls with appropriate space between them.

This game’s most intriguing feature is its control customization feature, which allows you to move the control buttons to any desired location.

Description of GTA V ISO for Android

Before jumping to the PPSSPP download links, it is ideal you read this short description of the game. The game is said to be one of the most popular adventure games and at the same time most interesting action packed video game. The game (GTA V ISO PPSSPP) was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar games in the year 2013. Meanwhile, there are other version of GTA 5 PSP by AJ Android gamer.

GTA 5 PPSSPP is however available on different platforms and these include the so popular PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and X box 360. Currently, you can play the game for PPSSPP on your android device at your leisure time with the aid of the so called PSP emulator.

Unlike the APK version of the game of which the buttons are so close to one another, the PSP version of the game has a special PSP controller on the screen of your android device which gives you the right impression whenever you play the game.

The bigger nature of the buttons makes the game more interesting and also makes it easier to take control of the characters in the game.

New Features of GTA 5 ISO

Map of the Game

Additional cities have been added to the map as a result of the update. In every action game, the map serves as a visual representation of where you’re going and where you are now. Use the detailed map in this Grand Theft Auto V PPSSPP to find your way around and finish your quests.


The game contains a lot of missions, much like every past GTA edition. Take up a variety of tasks and stay on your toes. After completing a quest, new ones are unlocked.

Quality of Graphics and Display

The game Apk’s visuals are just stunning. The game’s characters appear to be genuine because to the game’s high-quality graphics.

GTA 5 PPSSPP Mediafire File Information

The GAMES SCIENTIST made this modification. As far as Grand Theft Auto 5 Mods for the PSP concerned, there are majorly two well-known modders of this game. The first one is Games Scientist while the other modder is called aj android gamer modder. But here, the attached zip file was created by Game scientist.

The download link will be available shortly, but in the meanwhile, here are some facts you should be aware of before proceeding with the installation. The APK and OBB files for this game have been compressed into a file and published to Mediafire. Before you download the game, below are the game’s specifications.

  • Game Name : GTA 5 PPSSPP
  • Published By: Rockstar Action
  • Other version: GTA 5 PSP by AJ Android gamer.
  • Game Size: 375 MB
  • Game Category: Action/Adventure
  • Game Version: Latest Patch 2021
  • Game Platform: Android 6.0+
  • Updated: November 2, 2021

Download GTA 5 PPSSPP Highly Compressed from Mediafire

Below are the files and tools required to install and play GTA V ISO PPSSPP on Android. The mediafire link contains the PPSSPP highly compressed, ISO file 7z download, latest texture file and save data files. Kindly click on the below to have access to gta v.7z ppsspp.

Download GTA V from mediafire

Meanwhile, it is important to note that the links provided on GTA for PSP download as well as ISO file 7z have no redirection or any error. It takes you directly to the server where you can download the game. Also, you can download official the game for android using https //www.mediafı ppsspp


PPSSPP games have different set up unlike other apk games that have simple and direct set up.

This is GTA  V for PPSSPP and the which comes in a Zip file and has ISO, save Data, as well as Texture File. In order for you to access the said files, there is a need for a file decompression  app to extract the file through the use of a PSP emulator just to run and play the game.

The following are therefore the steps to follow in order to avoid unnecessary error when installing the game.

STEP 1: Use the ZArchiver app to locate the iso zip file

STEP 2: Extract the zip file by clicking on the arrow pointing down

STEP 3: Open the PPSSPP Gold Emulator app and click on the PSP folder.

STEP 4: Now locate GTA 5 for PSP file and start playing the game.


This PPSSPP game is just awesome and superb. Below are some screenshots of the game



  • One of the special features of the game is the MAP. The game has different maps to explore my the player and which makes the game more awesome.
  • The game also has different planes to chose by the player
  • The game also gives a room for choice to select awesome cars and customization
  • It is designed in realistic destructible environments[
  • It also support competition between players or otherwise known as Multiplayer
  • This PSP has 3 protagonists and feature makes the game more competitive and superb
  • Scuba diving
  • Hunting cravings
  • Invest your cash
  • Driving experience of the game is second to none
  • Another feature of the game is the new ways of choosing weapons
  • Bounty hunting


In conclusion, i hope the above content on GTA V PPSSPP ISO 7z download is useful for you. At the end, you will come to realize that GTA V for PPSSPP is such a good and interesting game full of action and adventure experience. A trial to play the game will surely give you an everlasting impression to play and play again.


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