How To Download Sportsbet App For Android And IOS

Mobile sports betting has exploded in popularity in recent years. The ability to place wagers on your favorite teams directly from your smartphone or tablet is incredibly convenient. You no longer have to be tethered to your computer to get your betting fix. The technology and innovation in the sports betting industry has made the mobile experience smooth, easy and enjoyable.


One of the top sports betting apps for Android and iOS devices is the Sportsbet app. Sportsbet is a leading online bookmaker originating from Australia but available to customers worldwide. The Sportsbet app offers a robust mobile platform packed with features thatavid punters have come to expect.

Downloading and installing the Sportsbet app to your Android or iOS device only takes a few minutes. With the app on your phone or tablet, you’ll have access to thousands of betting markets across dozens of sports. You can place pre-match and in-play wagers, cash out bets early, stream sporting events live, and much more.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through how to download the Sportsbet app on both Android and iOS devices. Let’s get started so you can begin conveniently wagering on sports from anywhere at any time.

Download Sportsbet App

Why Can’t I Download SportsBet?

Here are some common reasons why you may not be able to download the Sportsbet app:

  • Geographic Restrictions: Sports betting apps like Sportsbet may only be available for download in certain countries or regions where online sports betting is legal. If you are located in an area where it is prohibited, you cannot download the app.
  • Device Incompatibility: The app may only be available for certain operating systems (iOS, Android, etc) and will not work on unsupported devices. Make sure your device meets the minimum requirements.
  • App Store Restrictions: Some app stores may restrict or ban real-money gambling apps like SportsBet. You may need to download it directly from the company’s website instead.
  • Connection issues: Ensure you have a stable internet connection when downloading. WiFi is better than mobile data.
  • App not available in your country: Sportsbet may not offer services in your specific country or jurisdiction if online sports betting is not regulated. You can check their website to see their availability.
  • Age Restrictions – Sportsbet may require you to be of legal gambling age to download their app. You may need to verify your age before being able to access the app.
  • Account Restrictions – If your sports betting account is suspended, closed, or limited for any reason, you may be blocked from downloading their app as well.

How To Download Sportsbet App For Android

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world. With so many different devices running Android OS, you want to be sure you are downloading the correct Sportsbet app file for your specific phone or tablet model. Here are the steps to download the Sportsbet Android app:

Step 1: Enable Downloads from Unknown Sources

Since you will be downloading the Sportsbet .apk file directly rather than through the Google Play Store, you first need to enable your Android device to install apps from unknown sources:

  • Open your Android device’s Settings menu
  • Scroll down and tap Security
  • Enable the setting for “Unknown Sources”

This allows you to install .apk files directly on your device. After installing Sportsbet, you can disable this setting again if you want only to download apps via Google Play going forward.

Step 2: Download the Sportsbet file.

Now you are ready to download the SportsBet Android app file:

  • Use your Android device to visit Sportsbet’s website
  • Tap the “Mobile” link toward the top of the homepage
  • Choose “Android App”
  • Tap the green “Download” button
  • The .apk file will download to your device

The Sportsbet Android app .apk file is around 18MB, so it should only take a minute or two to download, depending on your connection speed fully.

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Step 3: Install the Sportsbet App

Once the .apk file finishes downloading, it’s time to install Sportsbet on your Android device:

  • Open your file manager app on your Android device
  • Locate the Sportsbet .apk file
  • Tap on the .apk file to begin installation
  • Accept any permissions or terms that appear during installation
  • The Sportsbet app icon will appear on your home screen once installation completes

That’s it! You now have the official Sportsbet app ready to use on your Android device.

How To Download Sportsbet App For IOS

Apple iOS devices like iPhones and iPads only allow applications to be installed through the official App Store. Thankfully, Sportsbet’s iOS app is directly available in the App Store. Here is the process:

Step 1: Open the App Store

On your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store application. This is where you can browse and download any apps available for iOS devices.

Step 2: Search for Sportsbet

At the bottom of the App Store screen you will see a search bar. Tap in the search bar and type “Sportsbet”. This will pull up the Sportsbet app.

Step 3: Download Sportsbet

You will see the official Sportsbet app at the top of the search results. Tap “Get” to begin downloading and installing the Sportsbet iOS app on your device.

The App Store will ask for your Apple ID password or fingerprint to confirm the download. The Sportsbet app is free to install.

It should only take a minute or two for the Sportsbet app to fully download and install on your iPhone or iPad depending on your internet speed.

Once it finishes, you will find the Sportsbet icon on your iOS device’s home screen ready to tap and open.


Installing the Sportsbet app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet only takes a few minutes. Just follow our guide above to download the correct app file and complete the install. With the Sportsbet app, you’ll enjoy convenient and intuitive mobile sports betting anywhere you have an internet connection. Sign up for an account, browse upcoming lines, and start wagering on your favorite sports today!


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