The 10 Sites That Predict Football Matches Correctly

Football is the most popular sport in the world, with millions of passionate fans following their favorite teams week in and week out. With so much riding on each game, from league titles to local bragging rights, fans are always looking for any edge to know how their team will fare before kickoff.


But how accurate are these sites in forecasting results? Can any of them reliably pick winners with a high degree of certainty? We analyzed the track records of the top football prediction sites to find out which ones offer the best insight into the beautiful game. In this article, we will explore 10 sites that predict football matches correctly:

How Can I Predict a Football Match Correctly?

Here are some tips for predicting football match results more accurately:

  • Analyze the team’s current form. Look at their recent results, performances, injuries/suspensions, etc. Teams in good form are more likely to win.
  • Look at the head-to-head record between the teams. Some teams match up better against certain opponents.
  • Consider home advantage. Teams usually perform better in home games with their own fans cheering them on.
  • Look at motivation. A team chasing a title or fighting relegation may put in extra effort. Cup games or rivalries can also motivate players.
  • Study the stats like possession, shots, corners, etc. These can indicate which team dominates games. However, stats don’t always lead to goals.
  • Look at injuries and suspensions. Missing key players often hinders a team’s performance.
  • Consider the managers’ tactics and style of play. Some matchups favour one style over another.
  • Follow expert predictions and analysis. Experts may spot insights based on experience. But don’t rely on any one source.
  • Consider odds movements. Shifting odds can signify smart money pouring in on one side.
  • Have a predictive model or system. Statistical models can uncover betting value by analyzing data.
  • Trust your gut instinct at times. The best predictions blend objective and subjective assessments.

The 10 Sites That Predict Football Matches Correctly

Here are sites that predict football matches correctly:

1. FiveThirtyEight

FiveThirtyEight takes a data-driven approach to making football predictions, using their proprietary SPI rating system. This algorithm factors in a team’s offensive and defensive strengths, along with adjusts for home field advantage, injuries, and other variables.

FiveThirtyEight’s soccer predictions have been highly accurate, correctly forecasting match outcomes 72% of the time on average. The site provides probabilities for each team’s chances rather than outright picks, giving readers a better sense of likelihood.

Pros: Excellent predictive accuracy, accounts for many relevant factors, updates frequently as season progresses.

Cons: SPI ratings favor historical team strength, occasional big misses.

2. Betegy

This prediction site uses a complex machine learning model to analyze tons of data points, from a team’s recent form to the impact of weather conditions. Betegy claims an accuracy rate of 71% for top European leagues when picking match winners.

The site is particularly adept at predicting over/under for goals scored based on the two teams’ defensive and offensive stats. Betegy offers free predictions as well as a premium subscription service.

Pros: Great success rate betting on totals, weather forecasts improve predictions, in-depth team profiles.

Cons: Less accurate picking outright winners, premium service is expensive.

3. Tipster Review

Operating since 2013, Tipster Review relies on a worldwide network of expert analysts to predict match outcomes. These professional tipsters have statistical models accounting for motivation, team news, suspensions, and other granular factors.

Tipster Review compiles this qualitative and quantitative data to make High Value, Safe, and Risky Bet predictions on upcoming games across all major leagues. Their tipsters get over 70% correct on average.

Pros: Combines opinions of proven experts, three bet types based on confidence level, high returns reported.

Cons: Varies by tipster quality, few details on methodology, mostly short-term predictions.


Boasting one of the largest communities of sports bettors and analysts, OLBG generates football predictions by aggregating the wisdom of the crowds. Hundreds of OLBG members predict matches by voting for the likely winner or entering their own score forecast.

The site then averages out these community predictions to display the consensus picks and final score estimates. With so many football minds contributing, OLBG delivers excellent prediction accuracy over 72%.

Pros: Mass consensus often reliable, great for big games, active user comments and discussions.

Cons: Less data driven than other sites, inflated member confidence, wisdom of crowds can be wrong.

5. My Soccer Prediction

My Soccer Prediction publishes daily match forecasts using a proprietary rating formula developed by statistical experts. The site focuses on upcoming games in popular leagues like the English Premier League, calculating win probability for each team based on current streaks, roster strengths, and historic results. While mainly focused on picking match winners, My Soccer Prediction also accurately predicts final scores. Their correct prediction rate averages about 70%.

Pros: Picks and model refined by statistics experts, great for EPL and Champions League, free updated predictions.

Cons: Lacks in-depth team analytics, formula not fully transparent, English soccer centric.

6. Betshoot

As a prediction service linked to a sportsbook, Betshoot has a financial stake in providing accurate forecasts. The site uses statistical modeling, machine learning, and expert analysts to predict winners in football leagues around the world. Betshoot’s Correct Score Predictions nail the final score around 68% of the time. The site provides free previews as well as a subscription Premium Tips service for $39 per month.

Pros: Combination of data analytics and human experts, remarkably accurate score predictions, clean site design.

Cons: Promotes parent sportsbook too heavily, Premium subscription expensive, soccer coverage second to basketball.

7. SoccerVista

With a network of informants across the globe, SoccerVista taps into the latest team and injury news to make insightful game predictions.

A team of experts analyzes all the qualitative information to determine Over/Under and Fixed Odds bets with the highest chances of winning. SoccerVista’s football predictions win around 70% of the time, with particularly good foresight on totals. A three-day free trial is available for new members to test the service.

Pros: Betting insiders get the latest scoops and gossip, expert analysis on qualitative factors, full game previews.

Cons: Mostly bet-focused rather than match forecasts, predictions can be dodgy for minor leagues.

8. Statarea

Statarea differentiates itself by publishing predicted odds and percentages for football games rather than simply picking winners. These probabilities are determined by a proprietary statistical algorithm that assesses teams’ recent form, h2h, and motivation along with other advanced metrics.

Statarea’s Smart Bets highlight predictions with probabilities over 70% for likely winners in upcoming games. The site’s overall correct prediction rate averages around 65-70%.

Pros: Probability ratings more insightful than outright picks, accurate for this transparent model, clean responsive design.

Cons: Favors home teams too heavily, same formula used for all leagues, offers paid VIP tips of dubious value.

9. Pickswise

Drawing on the expertise of professional oddsmakers and statisticians, Pickswise provides free picks against the spread. Their team of analysts research factors like injuries, weather, player matchups and then debate to reach a consensus.

Pickswise delivers these ATS predictions for upcoming NFL, NBA, college football and soccer games. Their success rate predicting football match winners and cover margins is around 65%, slightly better than betting markets.

Pros: Insider perspective from oddsmakers, shows ATS consensus picks, active news updates and injury reports.

Cons: Picks come late, consensus approach waters down bolder opinions, mostly US sports focused.


Founded by a statistics professor and IT expert, takes a highly analytical approach to match forecasting. They simulate games 50,000 times before each match based on teams’ collective ratings derived from past results. These simulated projections generate win/draw/loss predictions and percentage probabilities for upcoming games across several leagues.’s correct prediction rate falls around 65%, landing them the #10 spot.

Pros: Advanced simulation model, updates frequently until kickoff, clean site design.

Cons: Simulations lack qualitative data, some questionable predictions, ads overwhelm mobile site.


The top prediction site outlined above demonstrates an impressive degree of foresight. By combining statistical modelling with expert analysis or community consensus, these resources help make sense of upcoming fixtures and anticipate likely outcomes.

The top football prediction sites give fans an informational advantage and improved chances of being right when guessing the final scores of games.


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