Best PPSSPP Simulation Games for Android

Enjoy the top stimulation PPSSPP game on your mobile device

Best PPSSPP Simulation Games for Android


Hey fellow gamer! Do you wish to check out the best PSP simulation games you can download and play on Android? Here, we have compiled the best list of simulation games that can offer you the best gaming experience ever. Kindly stay tuned and read through.

The PSP was home to a surprising number of great simulation games during its reign, allowing players to experience virtual versions of activities and vehicles right from their handheld. Thanks to the PPSSPP emulator, we can now enjoy these engrossing simulation experiences on our Android devices.

In this post, I’ll highlight some of the best simulation games available for the PSP that you should check out on your Android phone or tablet. We’ll explore titles spanning various simulation genres including sports management, vehicles, military combat, public services, business management, and more.

SimCity 3000

SimCity is my first recommendation of this game genre cox it has it all. This excellent city builder game challenged players to grow bustling cities while keeping citizens happy and budgets balanced. This PSP version tailors the gameplay for portable play.

Key features:

  • Deep city simulation focused on balancing everything.
  • Vibrant pixel graphics still hold up beautifully.
  • Challenging scenarios to test your leadership skills.
  • Intuitive touchscreen controls for placing buildings and utilities.
  • Manage finances, disasters, traffic, and citizen happiness.

For budding mayors, SimCity 3000 provides a satisfying city simulation that fits nicely on Android screens thanks to PPSSPP’s upscaling and performance.

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops

This ambitious stealth action spin-off lets players create their own FOXHOUND squad staffed with captured soldiers. Managing resources and personnel is key.

What makes it unique:

  • Recruit enemy soldiers to build your squad.
  • Deep base management between missions.
  • Adjust kits and rations to balance morale.
  • Send squads on virtual missions for rewards.
  • Large variety of units with skills to develop.

Portable Ops offers a great change of pace focused on base management while retaining Metal Gear’s tactical stealth action at key moments.

SimAnimals Africa

In SimAnimals Africa, players work to restore a safari park by caring for animals, tending the environment, and managing visitors. It offers lighthearted and educational simulation gameplay.

Key elements:

  • 48 animal species spanning lions, zebras, elephants and more.
  • Develop habitats, feed animals, and nurture the ecosystem.
  • Entertain and transport guests through the park.
  • Learn cool facts about wildlife through gameplay.
  • Bright, inviting cartoon visuals.

Younger players will love getting to run their own virtual safari park while learning about African animals and ecology.

Theme Park Roller Coasters

Build and manage your own custom theme park focused on maximizing the most important element – roller coasters! Design coasters, concessions, decorations, and more.

Why it’s fun:

  • Focus on building death-defying roller coasters.
  • Huge customization of parks, rides, shops and scenery.
  • Detailed coaster creator with tons of premade designs.
  • Test and ride your coaster creations.
  • Challenging scenarios that task you with specific park goals.

For coaster enthusiasts, this deep theme park management sim will keep you busy architecting thrill rides for hours.

X-Plane Airliner Flight Simulator

This impressive flight simulator lets players hop into the cockpit of various aircraft and practice flying routes with real flight dynamics and authentic controls.

Key features:

  • Realistically simulated physics and flight mechanics.
  • Fly several commercial passenger jets.
  • Detailed touchscreen instrument panels in cockpit view.
  • Takeoff, navigate, and land at real global airports.
  • Environmental conditions impact flying.

X-Plane offers an incredibly realistic flight simulation experience on a mobile handheld – perfect to pick up anytime thanks to the PSP’s portability.

FIFA Soccer Manager 2007

Soccer management simulations were well represented on PSP with deep iterations of FIFA Manager. Manage every aspect of your club – players, training, budgets, staff and more.

Notable elements:

  • Oversee team practices, strategies, lineups and formations.
  • Scout for new promising players to sign to contracts.
  • Buy and sell players in bidirectional transfers.
  • Keep players happy and team chemistry high.
  • Simulate matches quickly or watch them play out.

FIFA Soccer Manager 2007 provides a fully featured soccer management experience that football fans can dive into for dozens of hours.

Emergency Heroes

Take charge of first response services in Emergency Heroes, directing police, firefighters, paramedics and more in time-sensitive dilemmas. Each emergency plays out in stages.

What makes it intense:

  • 20 challenging emergencies to command units during.
  • Detailed units like police cars, choppers, ambulances and more.
  • Realistic physics for emergency vehicles.
  • Manage personnel assignments and resources during crises.
  • Penalties for ignoring troubling developments.

Emergency Heroes uniquely blends policy, triage and emergency response for a first-hand crisis management experience.

Rock Band Unplugged

While not outright a simulator, Rock Band Unplugged does offer a highly accurate recreation of playing bass and guitar in a band thanks to its robust note charts and techniques.

What makes it stand out:

  • Realistic note charts match songs exactly like real guitar.
  • String specific fretting and picking modeled accurately.
  • Hammer ons, pull offs, and signature riffs represented.
  • Carrier single note melodies and driving bass lines.
  • Songs range from metal and punk to pop and hip hop.

Budding musicians can get a great portable simulation of bass and guitar mastery from Rock Band Unplugged thanks to its accurate note charting.


As we’ve seen, the PSP delivered engrossing simulation experiences across management, vehicles, services, music and more during its lifetime. These titles uniquely let you step into roles through handheld gameplay. Thanks to PPSSPP’s emulation capabilities, these classics can now provide portable simulation gameplay for Android users to enjoy small doses of during spare moments. Whether commanding armies, flying planes, or rocking crowds, the PSP offers in-depth sims for Android.


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