Best PPSSPP Football Games for Android

Best PPSSPP Football Games for Android

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Hello fellow soccer gamer! Do you care about checking out the best PPSSPP football games available for Android? Well, I have come with the most played PPSSPP football games you can also download and play on your Android device. So, stay tuned and read through to get the best selection ever.

Quick one, most of the games that are listed on this post aren’t random selection. Rather, they are selected based on my experience playing the games and good recommendations from best gamers.

Basically, American football games found a nice portable home on the PSP during its lifespan. Thanks to the excellent PPSSPP emulator, we can now enjoy these handheld pigskin classics on our Android devices. In this post, I will highlight some of the best PSP football games worth playing on your phone or tablet.

Madden NFL 10

This is the first game on our selection of the best PSP football games. In fact, the game is worth playing at any moment. The Madden NFL series from EA Sports made a smooth transition to Sony’s handheld with Madden NFL 10. It brings the core 11 on 11 football gameplay along with all the NFL teams, stars, and modes fans expect.

Key features:

  • Official NFL teams with 1,500+ accurate players.
  • 5-on-5 multiplayer matches with ad hoc wireless play.
  • Franchise mode – Play and manage multiple seasons.
  • Comprehensive playbooks with offensive and defensive schemes.
  • Picture-in-picture play calling for defense.

Madden 10 provides the full NFL experience in portable form. Football fans can now enjoy it anytime on their Android phone or tablet thanks to PPSSPP.

Madden NFL 12

Here is another most played football PSP game. Madden NFL 12 built upon the PSP success of its predecessors by introducing expanded superstar and franchise modes. It also added defensive hot routes, rookie scouting, and more.

What makes it great:

  • Deeper Franchise mode with expanded rosters.
  • New Superstar mode lets you guide a rookie’s career.
  • Revamped running game with modified controls.
  • New defensible hot routes to counter offenses.
  • Three multiplayer modes including co-op seasons.

Madden NFL 12 represents the pinnacle of the series on PSP. It’s a must-play for football fans looking for the most comprehensive portable Madden.

NCAA Football 10

In addition to the NFL, the PSP also got an excellent college football series in NCAA Football from EA. NCAA Football 10 features the wild atmosphere and traditions of college football.

Notable elements:

  • Over 100 college teams featuring real players and fight songs.
  • Dynasty mode to guide your program over multiple seasons.
  • Unique college overtime rules for tied games.
  • Custom stadium sounds cheers adapted from each school.
  • School specific crowd cheers and mascots.

NCAA 10 lets you take the spirit and excitement of college football anywhere on your Android device thanks to flawless PPSSPP performance.

NFL Street 2

Looking for something more arcade-like compared to the Madden sim gameplay? NFL Street 2 delivers intense 7-on-7 football action with spectacular moves and high-flying stunt catches.

What makes it fun:

  • Arcade style 7-on-7 football with over the top moves.
  • Huge roster of NFL players across legendary teams.
  • Customize teams and players down to the cleats.
  • Massive selection of Gamebreakers – abilities to turn the tide.
  • Local multiplayer matches support up to 6 players.

NFL Street 2 offers a nice blend of NFL pros and exaggerated arcade football action perfect for quick games on the go.

NFL Blitz Pro

Blitz takes things even further into absurdity with 11-on-11 gameplay that throws reality out the window. Huge hits, exaggerated catches, and special moves are the norm here.

Notable gameplay:

  • Lightning fast 11-on-11 gameplay with limited rules.
  • Massive hits, catches, and moves that defy reality.
  • Punch and shove opponents for unsportsmanlike beatdowns.
  • Blitz Battles let you keep playing as long as you score.
  • Online multiplayer matches via WiFi.

NFL Blitz Pro is perfect for those who find traditional football video games too restrained and realistic. Let loose and play some arcade style football!

Backyard Football

For something totally different, Backyard Football delivers fun cartoon football action featuring kid versions of NFL stars like John Elway and Jerry Rice. It’s simple to play for football fans of all ages.

What makes it enjoyable:

  • Kid friendly graphics and gameplay.
  • 30 playable characters patterned after NFL greats.
  • Simple pass, run, and defense controls.
  • Fun powerups like jetpacks and trampolines.
  • Local multiplayer for competitions with friends.

Backyard Football offers a refreshing, accessible change of pace from complex football sims. The kid-like style makes it enjoyable for all ages.

Madden NFL 07

Going back a bit further, Madden NFL 07 demonstrates how excellent the series already was in earlier PSP iterations. It features comprehensive modes and even introduced the truck stick for big plays.

Key features:

  • Truck stick for powerful stiff arms and evasive moves.
  • Franchise mode including draft classes and trades.
  • ESPN presentation with Chris Berman and Trey Wingo.
  • Multiplayer matches with up to 3 friends locally.
  • Superstar mode – Guide a rookie through an NFL career.

Madden 07 is a remarkable early PSP football effort that still plays great today. It laid the foundation for future excellent Madden handheld games.

NCAA March Madness 08

March Madness 08 captures the rush of college basketball tournament season complete with the Division I Championship Tournament. Guide your school through brackets to become national champ.

What it includes:

  • 65 playable Division I teams.
  • Bracket based tournament mode.
  • Dynasties, rivalries, and Cinderella stories.
  • ESPN presentation with analyst commentary.
  • Local multiplayer matches – perfect for long trips.

NCAA March Madness 08 delivers a fun dose of college hoops gameplay paired with the excitement of bracket season.

NFL Street 3

The third entry in the NFL Street series adds even more over the top arcade football moves, style, and characters. It retains the signature gameplay but expands modes for single player.

Notable improvements:

  • Solo extensive City Circuit, Gauntlet, and Wall Ball modes.
  • Create and customize teams with logos and uniforms.
  • Huge 150+ move arsenal including Gamebreaker X-factors.
  • Online multiplayer matches via WiFi.
  • NFL personalities and cameos in cutscenes.

NFL Street 3 provides the deepest entry in the series with expanded solo options while retaining the core addictive arcade gameplay.


As seen here, the PSP was home to a nice collection of football games spanning pro, college, arcade, and kid-friendly styles of gameplay. American football fans were well served by sports titles on Sony’s handheld. Thanks to PPSSPP, we can experience these great portable football games today on our phones and tablets.

Whether you want a deep franchise experience like Madden, high intensity arcade action in Blitz, or accessible backyard fun, PSP football games deliver. The PPSSPP emulator lets you get your football fix anytime, anywhere on your Android device. So give some of these classic handheld pigskin games a try during the next football season!

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