Best PPSSPP Racing Games for Android

Check out Top PPSSPP Racing Games to Play on Android

Best PPSSPP Racing Games for Android


Hey fellow racer game lover! You are probably searching for the best PPSSPP racing game you download and play on your Android. Well, you not alone in this journey because I have a provided you best iconic and most played racing PPSSPP games on Android device. Stay tuned and read through the post.

In this post, I’ll highlight the 10 must-play PPSSPP racing games you need to try out on mobile. From drift racing in Ridge Racer to illegal street action in Need for Speed, keep reading for the very best racers from PSP now optimized for Android.

Ridge Racer

Here is my first pick of all PSP racing games on Android. Ridge Racer is a long-running arcade racing franchise arrived on PSP in a grand style. Ridge Racer delivers thrilling drift-based gameplay as you tear around corners at breakneck speeds across over 20 exotic cars and environments. The sense of speed is unmatched.

With a pumping electronic soundtrack and slick futuristic city visuals, Ridge Racer nails that arcade racing atmosphere. The gameplay is easy to pick up but immensely fun to master as you drift around hairpins and burn nitrous down straights. For pure speed thrills, Ridge Racer is a must on Android.

Need For Speed Most Wanted 5-1-0

Here is another most play game among other PPSSPP games on Android. The first Need for Speed brought street racing chases to the small screen in signature style. Evade cops in illegal street races across a large open world full of shortcuts and jumps. Intense pursuits will have you sweating as you narrowly avoid getting busted.

Extensive customization lets you deck out cars with body kits, decals, rims, and more. The robust online multiplayer was impressive for a handheld. Most Wanted 5-1-0 remains addictively fun for PSP racing action on Android anytime.

Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo is another iconic racer game to try out today. Sony’s legendary racing sim arrived on PSP in 2009 with near console-quality presentation and 800 cars from 80 manufacturers. Gran Turismo brings gearheads’ dreams to life with attention to automotive details and driving physics for intense simulation.

Career mode takes you from amateur events onto challenging world circuits. Customization lets you tune gear ratios, tires, suspension and more. Detailed graphics and realistic driving made this a showpiece for the PSP’s technical chops. For sim fans, Gran Turismo is a must-own.

Wipeout Pure

If you care about Sci-fi racing PSP game, try Wipeout Pure. This game got a shot of adrenaline with the release of Wipeout Pure in 2005. Speed across twisting anti-gravity tracks through pulsing techno beats and stunning environments. Handling the airbrakes and boosts at top speed takes real skill and reflexes.

The Zone system lets you enter a trance-like hyper state at maximum throttle without crashing. Wipeout Pure is futuristic racing at its most intense paired with thumping music. Stunning graphics showcased the PSP’s power at the time as well.

Test Drive Unlimited

This open world racing game unlocked free exploration across the islands of Oahu and Ibiza. Test Drive Unlimited’s massive open worlds and selection of licensed cars made it feel unprecedented in scale and detail.

Customize your character with branded apparel as you explore islands finding events and customizing your exotic car collection. The online multiplayer allowed competitive racing with up to 100 players. For open world racing on the go, Test Drive Unlimited shouldn’t be missed.

Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition

Illegal street racing gets intense in Midnight Club 3. Race for pink slips in pimped out rides across New York, Detroit, San Diego and Atlanta at breakneck speeds. Customize cars with body kits and decals for the ultimate street racing machine.

Battling rival crews gives races a rebellious edge. The mix of racing genres from sports cars to SUVs added variety. Fast arcade handling and multiplayer racing made this a favorite PSP street racer. Outrace the cops anytime with Midnight Club.

Burnout Legends

Experience some of the most explosive arcade racing around in Burnout Legends. This compilation packed classic tracks and addictive Crash and Road Rage modes from early Burnout games perfect for quick bursts of racing adrenaline.

Slamming into rival cars and racking up destructive takedowns never gets old. Nitrous boosts let you reach insane top speeds. Approachable pick-up-and-play gameplay with rewarding risk-reward makes Burnout perfect for mobile. Let the car carnage commence!

Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights

Juiced 2 focused on the culture around modding and showing off exotic rides for street cred rather than traditional races. Win respect by collecting flashier wheels, custom paint jobs, insane sound systems and interiors for your tuned racers.

Cruising busy urban streets filled with souped up cars made Juiced 2 feel like Fast and Furious: The Game. Add competitive drifting events, crew management and club DJ battles, and Juiced 2 offered a uniquely comprehensive street racing sandbox on PSP.

TOCA Race Driver 2

TOCA Race Driver 2 brought a wide assortment of racing disciplines into one tourney-style career progression. Race series include exhilarating open-wheel Formula 3 cars, gritty off-road trucks, slippery ice races, and powerful GT machines across real-world tracks.

The diverse driving physics and vehicle types kept the experience fresh and realistic. Extensive tuning options allow adjusting gears, tires and suspension for any event. TOCA Race Driver 2 captured all the excitement of championship racing on the go.


Two-wheeled racing gets insanely intense in the officially licensed MotoGP from Capcom. Experience the sheer speed of the world’s fastest motorcycles on authentic circuits from around the globe. Intense sense of speed and realistic bike physics make this a true test of skill.

Work your way up multiple motorcycle classes with rising difficulty. The deep career mode rewards mastering advanced techniques like managing fuel loads. With thrilling racing action and unlockables, MotoGP was a rare treat for PSP.


The PSP delivered some of the most technically impressive and just plain fun racing games you could play on a handheld. These 10 PPSSPP titles represent the diversity of experiences from licensed simulations to street racing showcases the PSP had to offer. Android users can now enjoy that high octane fun from the convenience of their mobile devices through emulation. So strap yourself in and feel the G’s of PSP’s finest racers whenever you want with PPSSPP.


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