PSP Games like Guitar Hero to Play on Android

 Top 10 PSP Games like Guitar Hero to Play on Android with PPSSPP

PSP Games like Guitar Hero


Guitar Hero took the world by storm when it launched in 2005, popularizing the rhythm game genre. Its unique guitar-shaped controller and note highway gameplay made it a party favorite. While newer Guitar Hero games have slowed down, you can relive the magic on Android using PPSSPP emulator.

Many PSP games replicated the Guitar Hero formula using standard controls. Though not as cool as the guitar peripheral, these games offer a similar experience. In this post, we will cover the top 10 PSP games like Guitar Hero you can play on Android mobiles or tablets.

1. Rock Band Unplugged

Rock Band Unplugged is an adaptation of the popular console and arcade series for PSP. It manages to recreate the full band gameplay using just the PSP buttons. You switch between guitar, bass, drums and vocals seamlessly during songs. Notes flow down lanes for each instrument that you have to hit in time.

With a great soundtrack spanning multiple genres and eras, Rock Band Unplugged nails that Guitar Hero vibe. It supports saving your performance as a replay and sharing online as well. For a true Guitar Hero style experience on PSP, Rock Band Unplugged is your best bet.

2. Power Gig: Rise of the SixString

Power Gig: Rise of the SixString tries to mimic Guitar Hero using a guitar-shaped PSP case. It comes with a case with buttons mapped like real guitar frets. This allows you to play in a more Guitar Hero-esque manner. The soundtrack focuses on rock and metal with both licensed songs and original tunes.

While the case is a nice touch, the tracklist is smaller than other games. Still with its Guitar Hero inspired gameplay and peripherals, Power Gig: Rise of the SixString is fun on Android using PPSSPP. It’s worth checking out if you want that plastic guitar vibe.

3. Def Jam Rapstar

Def Jam Rapstar lets you channel your inner rapper a la Guitar Hero. Instead of notes, lyrics flow down the screen. You have to rap along by tapping buttons rhythmically to match words. With a killer hip-hop soundtrack featuring rap legends, Def Jam Rapstar really shines.

The ability to rap along to classic tracks and create your own lyrics gives Def Jam Rapstar replay value. Performance tracking and online sharing make it competitive and social too. If you want Guitar Hero with a rap twist, Def Jam Rapstar rocks it.

4. DJ Max Portable 3

DJ Max Portable 3 is a rhythm game centered around remixing and mashing up tracks. Notes corresponding to different samples and loops flow down lanes. Hitting them builds the song, layer by layer. With club-worthy songs across electronic, techno, hip-hop and more, the remixing is energizing.

This unique take on Guitar Hero’s note matching gameplay makes DJ Max Portable 3 endlessly playable. With deep progression mechanics, unlockables, andmodifiers, it offers lasting value. For a fresh Guitar Hero inspired experience, DJ Max Portable 3 hits the right notes.

5. K-On! Houkago Live!!

K-On! Houkago Live!! is a rhythm game based on the popular anime. You play as one of five band members and select the instrument. Timed button presses play out famous songs from the show as notes scroll down. With both single and multiplayer modes, the gameplay is simple but addictive.

The cheerful anime visuals and music from the show recreate the K-on! magic. Unlocking costumes and accessories offers motivation to keep playing. For fans of the anime who want a Guitar Hero style music game, K-On! Houkago Live!! delivers.

6. Michael Jackson: The Experience

Michael Jackson: The Experience brings the King of Pop’s music to a Guitar Hero style game. Songs are mapped to buttons that you have to press and hold in time. With a library spanning MJ classics like Beat It, Smooth Criminal and Billie Jean, the soundtrack pops. Motion controls using the gyro let you dance along too!

Visuals showing MJ’s choreography and environments make you feel like you’re in the music video. The different game modes capturing the magic of hits or full dance routines are great. As a Guitar Hero style tribute to MJ’s music, this game rocks.

7. Princess Debut

Princess Debut is a cute rhythm game focused on dancing at balls. You learn dance moves and practice timing button presses. Different songs and dance partners provide variables to master. With lovely anime visuals and classical music, it has a unique style and appeal.

The nostalgic storybook style and character bonding give Princess Debut depth beyond just rhythm gameplay. Learning new moves, perfecting timing and competing in dance battles captures that Guitar Hero progression. For a lighthearted dance focused take, Princess Debut hits the right notes.

8. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva

The Hatsune Miku: Project Diva series brings the popular Japanese virtual idol to PSP. Notes time to Miku’s best songs scroll across the screen. You have to press the corresponding buttons in rhythm to rack up a high score. With spunky anime visuals and fast-paced J-pop tracks, the game is very energizing.

The series spans multiple PSP releases with fun new songs and challenges. Unlocking costumes and accessories for Miku and friends provides incentive to keep playing. For Miku fans and J-pop lovers, Project Diva offers a Guitar Hero style treat.

9. Beaterator

Beaterator is a music mixer that lets you create tracks a la Guitar Hero. You can loop beats, layer on instrument samples and add sound effects. Notes let you time button presses to capture a groove. You can also write lyrics with rhythm to craft original tunes.

The ability to write a full song and not just match notes gives Beaterator more depth. Sharing songs online and getting feedback makes for great replayability. With its blend of rhythm gaming and music creation, Beaterator is a unique Guitar Hero-inspired experience.

10. Space Channel 5 Part 2

Space Channel 5 Part 2 is a quirky rhythm/dance game set in a funky retro future. You have to match actions of characters by pressing buttons in sequence. The timing based “Simon says” style gameplay tests reactions. With a stellar soundtrack and bizarre story, the game has tons of character.

The zany anime-style visuals perfectly capture the sci-fi disco vibe. Shooting aliens by busting dance moves is wild fun. For a weird and wonderful take on Guitar Hero’s note matching gameplay, Space Channel 5 Part 2 can’t be beat.


Thanks to the magic of emulation, you can enjoy original Guitar Hero style PSP games on Android using PPSSPP. The games covered above provide rocking alternatives with timed note tapping or pressing. Though lacking plastic peripherals, they capture the core rhythm and progression that made Guitar Hero special. Whether you want J-Pop, classic rock or hip-hop, these PSP gems deliver addictive music gameplay on mobile. So plug in that controller or brush up those tapping skills and rock out!


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