PSP Games like Diablo on Android

Top 10 PSP Games like Diablo on Android for PPSSPP Emulator

PSP Games like Diablo on Android


Diablo is one of the most popular hack and slash role-playing games ever made. Originally released for PC, it has inspired many similar games on various platforms over the years. Thanks to emulators like PPSSPP, you can now play PSP games that are similar to Diablo on your Android device.

In this post, we will take a look at the top 10 PSP games like Diablo that you can play on Android using PPSSPP or other PSP emulators. These games offer Diablo-like hack and slash RPG gameplay with dark fantasy themes, loot driven progression, and action packed combat.

1. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is one of the best hack and slash RPGs available for PSP. The gameplay and visuals are very similar to the early Diablo games. You pick from 3 character classes – Knight, Berserker, or Alchemist. The combat involves hacking, slashing and using skills against hordes of enemies. There is plenty of loot to find including weapons, armor and items. As you progress, you can customize your character with skill points and become more powerful. With randomly generated levels and modifiers, no two playthroughs are exactly the same.

Overall, Untold Legends delivers the core hack and slash RPG experience in a portable PSP package. The dark fantasy setting filled with undead enemies also resembles Diablo. This makes it one of the top PSP games like Diablo you can play on Android.

2. Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony

Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony is another excellent hack and slash RPG for PSP. It is a spin-off from the Dungeon Siege series, with similar gameplay adapted for handhelds. You assemble a party of adventurers and venture into dangerous dungeons filled with monsters. Combat is real-time with skills and abilities reminiscent of Diablo. There is plenty of loot to find including armor, weapons and accessories.

The dark medieval setting complete with undead foes also provides Diablo vibes. Randomly generated levels ensure good replay value. If you enjoy the hack and slash RPG mechanics of Diablo, Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony is a must play PSP game.

3. Lord of Arcana

Lord of Arcana is a monster hunting action RPG developed by Square Enix. The gameplay involves real-time combat against monsters in a fantasy setting. There are multiple character classes to choose from which provide different playstyles. You can craft new weapons and armor from monster parts. The progression system with plenty of loot to discover is quite similar to Diablo.

The look and feel of Lord of Arcana with its dark fantasy themes is also reminiscent of Diablo. Battling through hordes of varied monster types from goblins to dragons is engaging. The combat focused progression and loot system makes this one of the top PSP games like Diablo.

4. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

While Monster Hunter games are not direct Diablo clones, there are similarities in the addictive loot based progression. In Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, you battle epic monster bosses and use parts from them to craft new weapons and armor. There is a huge variety of monsters each with unique attack patterns and weaknesses. Mastering the combat and getting better gear to take on harder monsters is very satisfying.

The large number of weapons and armor sets to discover gives Monster Hunter Freedom Unite an engaging Diablo style loot progression. Combat relies on skill and learning monster behaviors rather than just stats. These features combined with the medieval fantasy setting make Monster Hunter Freedom Unite a great PSP game to try if you like Diablo.

5. Fate/Extra

Fate/Extra is a dungeon crawling RPG with visual novel elements. The gameplay has you exploring dungeons from a first person perspective similar to old school Diablo. Enemies appear randomly and you engage in turn based combat using skills and abilities. Your character can equip various weapons, armor and items found as loot in dungeons.

The gloomy dungeon crawling and combat paired with loot collection gives Fate/Extra a Diablo-like feel. The unique setting fusing fantasy and sci-fi also makes it stand out. If you want dungeon exploration and turn based combat similar to classic Diablo, Fate/Extra is a good pick.

6. Phantasy Star Portable

Phantasy Star Portable delivers Diablo style action RPG gameplay in a sci-fi setting. You create a character from preset classes and battle enemies in real-time combat using skills and abilities. Defeating enemies earns you XP to level up and loot to equip. There are tons of weapons, armor and items to discover as loot drops. The combat requires dodging enemy attacks while managing skills, making it skill based like Diablo.

The online multiplayer allows you to team up with 3 other players to battle through dungeons cooperatively. This is reminiscent of the Diablo games as well. If you want a sci-fi take on the Diablo formula, Phantasy Star Portable is one of the top PSP games to play.

7. Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 provides fast paced real-time combat in an action RPG package similar to Diablo. You control a group of characters called Class Zero and battle enemies on mission based levels. The combat is action oriented requiring you to attack, dodge and use skills in real-time. Leveling up characters and finding new powerful weapons is a big part of progression.

While not as loot focused as Diablo, Type-0 has many similar real-time combat driven RPG elements. The dark story in a fantasy setting also feels reminiscent of Diablo. If you want a Final Fantasy take on fast paced action RPG combat, Type-0 is a great pick.

8. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is an action RPG set in the popular Disney/Square Enix crossover world. The gameplay has you taking direct control of a character in real-time combat against enemies. You level up, equip weapons and gear found through the world. The gameplay has similarities to Diablo while retaining Kingdom Hearts’ signature style.

The different playable characters have unique abilities and combat styles to master. There are also various spells and abilities to unlock as you progress. While not as loot heavy as Diablo, Birth By Sleep delivers satisfying real-time combat in beautiful Disney worlds. The fun and engaging combat system makes this a great PSP game for action RPG fans.

9. Gods Eater Burst

Gods Eater Burst is a monster hunting action RPG similar to Monster Hunter. You create a character and take on missions to battle huge monsters in close quarter combat. Learning monster behaviors and attacking weak points with melee weapons or guns is key to winning. Loot collected from defeating monsters is used to craft new weapons and gear.

The visceral combat, crafting progression and huge boss battles are very reminiscent of monster hunting in the Diablo games. There is plenty of loot to collect and skills to learn to optimize your build. If you enjoy Diablo’s combat, Gods Eater Burst offers a sci-fi take on similar monster slayer gameplay.

10. Crimson Gem Saga

For JRPG fans, Crimson Gem Saga is a good Diablo style game to try. It features retro 2D graphics and turn based combat. You explore dungeons, battle enemies in turn based encounters, and earn XP and loot. Finding new weapons, armor and items allows you to customize your character build. The progression from common to rare loot gives the same feeling as Diablo.

While not as fast paced as Diablo, Crimson Gem Saga captures the satisfying loot-based progression. The randomly generated dungeons also encourage replayability similar to Diablo. If you enjoy classic turn based RPGs, Crimson Gem Saga offers a fun retro take on the Diablo formula.


Diablo’s addictive gameplay has inspired many games over the years that capture similar experiences. Thankfully, classic PSP games like the ones mentioned above provide options to enjoy Diablo-like RPGs on Android through emulation. From the dark gothic fantasy of Untold Legends to the sci-fi monster hunting in Gods Eater Burst, there are plenty of entertaining games to try. With real-time combat, loot progression and dungeon crawling, these PSP classics will satisfy your Diablo cravings on mobile.


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