PSP Games like Monster Hunter on Android

Top 10 PSP Games like Monster Hunter on Android

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Monster Hunter is one of the most popular action role-playing games originally created for PlayStation Portable (PSP). With its addictive gameplay, epic monster hunting quests and deep crafting system, it’s no wonder why Monster Hunter has a huge fan following across platforms.

If you love Monster Hunter and are looking for similar games to play on your Android device, then you have come to the right place. In this blog post, I will share the top 10 PSP games like Monster Hunter that you can enjoy on Android. These games provide a similar hunting, crafting and monster slaying experience that Monster Hunter fans love.

1. SoulCraft

SoulCraft is one of the closest clones of Monster Hunter on Android. Developed by MobileBits, this action RPG game allows you to battle against demons and angels across different environments. There are over 170 missions and a huge arsenal of weapons and armor to collect. You can perform melee combos, dodge attacks and use skills and magic abilities during combat.

Just like Monster Hunter, you can craft new gear from the loots dropped by defeated enemies. The more you play, the more powerful your character becomes. All the iconic elements like mining, fishing and cooking are part of SoulCraft’s gameplay. If you want as close an experience to Monster Hunter as possible, SoulCraft is your best bet.

2. eternium

For those looking for hack and slash loot hunting gameplay similar to Monster Hunter, eternium by Making Fun is a great choice. As an angel warrior, you have to battle against the forces of evil and demons. There are skeletons, demons, zombies and many other monsters to fight across randomly generated levels.

eternium has a strong emphasis on loot collection, upgradable skills and crafting new weapons and armor. The simple and intuitive controls work great on mobile devices. With several classes to play, intense boss fights, magical skills and temps multiplayer mode, eternium delivers a polished Monster Hunter experience on Android.

3. Dragon’s Blade

Dragon’s Blade is another excellent Monster Hunter alternative developed by FDG Mobile Games. This action RPG features wild monster hunting gameplay along with deep town building and resource management elements. You can capture monsters and dragons, breed them and use them to battle fiercely.

There are over 200 dragons to find and tame. You can explore randomly generated worlds and collect loot to craft powerful weapons and armor. The town building aspect gives you home bases which you can upgrade over time. With so much to do in terms of fighting, building, crafting and multiplayer raids, Dragon’s Blade provides endless fun for Monster Hunter fans.

4. Shadowblood

For a gritty and more mature monster hunting experience similar to Monster Hunter, Shadowblood by Kotobuki Solution is a great choice. The dark fantasy world is overrun by vicious monsters. You have to hunt them, collect bounties and harvest their remains for powerful weapons and armor.

Shadowblood features intuitive touch controls and lets you perform combo attacks, area skills and charge attacks during battles. You can also gather materials while exploring and use them to craft over 500 types of weapons and armors. If you enjoy Monster Hunter’s strategic combat and loot collection, you will love Shadowblood.

5. Darkness Rises

Developed by Nexon, Darkness Rises offers console-quality visuals and satisfying hack and slash combat. You have to battle fearsome monsters across stunning environments. With each kill, you collect loot, upgrade your hero and craft more powerful gear.

The robust progression system and modular armor allow deep customization so you can build your ideal hero. The asynchronous PvP battles add competitive fun. With regular events and new content updates, Darkness Rises manages to perfectly capture the monster hunting experience Monster Hunter is famous for.

6. Dungeon Hunter 5

Dungeon Hunter 5 by Gameloft is another great recommendation for Monster Hunter fans. As a bounty hunter, you must explore dungeons teeming with dangerous monsters. Killing them gains you loot which can be used to craft weapons and armor.

With thousands of items to find and 50 customizable skills, you have plenty of options to build your ideal bounty hunter. Special hero skills add a further layer of depth. The PvP arenas let you test skills against other players. Polished visuals, intuitive controls and tons of content make Dungeon Hunter 5 shine.

7. Toram Online

For those looking for an anime-style MMO with Monster Hunter like gameplay, Toram Online by Asobimo is a good choice. You can customize your character and skills. The open world is filled with monsters to hunt down. Killing them nets you materials to craft stronger weapons and armor.

You can embark on quests, explore dungeons, go fishing and also farm. There’s lots of loot to collect and inventory management is important. With 9 weapon types, combo based real-time battles and co-op play, Toram Online nicely captures the Monster Hunter experience.

8. Era of Legends

Developed by June, Era of Legends provides sandbox style monster hunting in a vast open world. You start by customizing your hero and selecting classes. Then you head out into the wilds and battle against ferocious beasts. Defeating them gives materials to craft weapons and armor.

An extensive guild system allows you to group with other players and go on hunting expeditions. There are also dungeons to delve into for rare loot. With intuitive controls, great graphics and emergent gameplay, Era of Legends is perfect for fans of Monster Hunter seeking an MMO alternative.

9. Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers of Oblivion by Tencent Games packs in loads of monster hunting content and gameplay similar to Monster Hunter. You can hunt hundreds of different types of beasts roaming across varied environments. Strategically attacking their weak points and breaking monster parts are key to defeating them.

Loot collection and crafting better gear plays a big role as well. You can play solo or form teams with other players to take down powerful bosses. With so much beasts to hunt and content to enjoy, Rangers of Oblivion is easily one of the best Android games like Monster Hunter.

10. Titan Quest

Last on our list is Titan Quest by THQ Nordic. This iconic action RPG lets you battle mythical beasts across ancient worlds. There are tons of monsters to fight and legendary loot to find. Killing enemies gives you materials to craft stronger gear and upgrade your hero.

The dual class system provides amazing customization so you can create the perfect damage dealer. Satisfying combat, extensive crafting and tons of content make Titan Quest a great Monster Hunter alternative. The expanded Legendary Edition is out now with new content.


So these are my picks for the top 10 Android games similar to the PSP smash hit Monster Hunter that you should definitely check out. They offer the same addictive loop of monster hunting, loot collection and crafting better gear that defines the Monster Hunter experience. With so many options, you are sure to find a great new game to enjoy.

Whether you want an anime style MMO like Toram Online or gritty and mature gameplay like Shadowblood, there’s something for every Monster Hunter fan. So install any of these awesome Android games and enjoy monster slaying adventures on the go. Hunt on brave warrior!


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