PSP Games like Harvest Moon to Play

Top 10 PSP Games like Harvest Moon to Play on Android with PPSSPP

PSP Games like Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon is the quintessential farming simulator and life RPG that has charmed gamers for decades. Its relaxing gameplay loop of farming, befriending villagers, and building your homestead provides an escapist experience.

Android users wanting to play farming and life simulators like Harvest Moon are in luck. Thanks to the excellent PPSSPP emulator, you can play PSP games just like Harvest Moon on your phone. In this post, we will explore the top 10 PSP games similar to Harvest Moon that you can enjoy on Android.

1. Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

This spinoff of Harvest Moon brings the farming sim to a futuristic world. You play as a robot with amnesia tasked with revitalizing a town’s agricultural industry. The core farming and relationship building gameplay remains intact. Unique elements like customizing your robot, futuristic tools, and hybrid crops provide fresh twists for Harvest Moon fans.

2. Harvest Moon: Boy & Girl

Considered one of the best classic Harvest Moon games, Boy & Girl on PSP improves the SNES original with new characters, cutscenes, and Quality of Life changes. Build a thriving farm, fall in love, and help restore prosperity to your town. Relationship events, rival marriages, festivals, and unlockable content provide endless fun. It captures that nostalgic Harvest Moon magic.

3. Rune Factory: Sword of Vermillion

Rune Factory combines Harvest Moon farming with dungeon crawling action RPG gameplay. Farming provides resources for crafting weapons to battle monsters and undead in the town’s cursed forest. You can also fall in love, fish, cook, and craft to your heart’s content. The mix of farming, combat, and relationship building provides a fresh take perfect for Harvest Moon fans.

4. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

While not a farming game, Trails in the Sky has deep life and relationship simulation reminiscent of Harvest Moon. You play as Estelle who joins her adopted brother Joshua on a quest. The rich world filled with detailed NPCs makes picking up side quests and getting to know townspeople engrossing. The story expands over three epic chapters filled with character growth.

5. Princess Debut

Princess Debut has you step into the shoes of a reluctant princess who wants to live a normal life. To prepare for royal duties, you spend time practicing dance, strengthening relationships, and tailoring your kingdom. With charming characters, extensive customization, and rhythm dance gameplay, it’s perfect for Harvest Moon fans.

6. Shepherd’s Crossing 2

Play as a city slicker who inherits their late uncle’s farm in the countryside. Grow and sell crops, care for animals, and befriend locals to restore your farm and the town. Court one of six handsome bachelors or bachelorettes. With weather changes, festivals, decorating, and farming depth, Shepherd’s Crossing 2 is wholesome fun.

7. A Valley Without Wind

In this post-apocalyptic metroidvania, you must protect a village rebuilding society. Farm crops, gather resources, craft over 300 items, and explore ruins for artifacts. Unique spells let you defend against monsters and inclement weather threatening villagers. With tactical real-time combat and crafting depth, it puts a darker twist on the Harvest Moon formula.

8. Revenant Saga

Become Albert the merchant who wakes up dead in the world of Frane. Build relationships with 36 potential partners and help develop your decrepit hometown. Farming, crafting, decorating your home, and befriending villagers will remind you of Harvest Moon. But real-time combat, evolving relationships, and dark story twists set it apart.

9. Avatar: The Lost Frontier

This standalone entry in the Avatar animated series has you controlling Aang the air nomad. During his quest to restore his lost bending abilities, you can partake in Harvest Moon style side activities. Grow plants with bending, gather ingredients for crafting, fish across stunning environments, and rebuild areas in disrepair. Fans of Avatar and farming/life sims will find enjoyment.

10. Avalon Code

As a chosen bookkeeper, remake the world on the brink of destruction by scanning items and recording data into the Book of Prophecy. This gives weapons and items special properties to aid you against upcoming calamity. With relationship building, item creation, job classes, and homestead customization, Avalon Code nicely blends action RPG and Harvest Moon elements.


Android devices are the perfect platform for playing classic PSP farming and life simulator games thanks to PPSSPP. These top 10 games provide the same addicting gameplay loop and warmth that has made Harvest Moon an iconic series. Farm, fight, build relationships, and customize your homestead as you restore prosperity to struggling communities. Download PPSSPP and relive the magic of Harvest Moon with these gems today.

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