PSP Games like Golden Axe on Android

Top 10 PSP Games like Golden Axe on Android for PPSSPP Emulator


Golden Axe is one of the most iconic beat ‘em up games that originated on arcade machines in the late 80s before being ported over to various home consoles like the Sega Genesis and PlayStation Portable (PSP). Its exciting gameplay, multiple playable characters and medieval fantasy setting made it an instant classic.

Android users who want to relive the Golden Axe experience on their phones are in luck. Thanks to PPSSPP, an excellent PSP emulator for Android, you can play PSP games like Golden Axe on your phone. In this post, we will look at the top 10 PSP games similar to Golden Axe that you can play on PPSSPP for Android.

1. God of War: Chains of Olympus

The first God of War game on PSP, Chains of Olympus delivers the same intense hack and slash combat and epic set pieces the franchise is known for. As the prequel to the main series, you play as Kratos before he became the Ghost of Sparta. Armed with deadly chained blades, you battle mythical Greek creatures like Cyclops, Gorgons, and more. The combat and magic system is just as satisfying as the main games.

2. Dante’s Inferno

Based on the epic poem Divine Comedy, Dante’s Inferno has you fighting through the nine circles of hell. The visceral combat allows you to slay demons and absolve damned souls. The game featuresfamiliar gameplay mechanics from God of War and Devil May Cry. Exploring the depictions of hell straight out of the original poem is intriguing for literature fans.

3. Lord of Arcana

This monster hunting game has you create a customizable character to take down beasts and monsters threatening the world. The varied environments you hunt in keep the game fresh. With multiple weapon types and an assist system to call upon AI partners for help, the combat has plenty of depth. The loot you earn allows crafting new gear. If you enjoy hunting giant beasts, Lord of Arcana delivers.

4. Blade Dancer: Lineage of Light

Blade Dancer combines RPG and action combat with a fantasy story about a world under demonic threat. You play as Lilia, a blade dancer champion who must save the world. The game featuresa large open world to explore with towns, dungeons, and hidden secrets. Side activities like fishing, bug catching, and crafting provide plenty to do. The real-time combat has combos, powerful skills, and flashiness fans of Golden Axe will enjoy.

5. Kingdom of Paradise

This martial arts focused RPG lets you play as Shinbu, a young warrior embarking on a quest for inner peace and justice. The unique brawler combat has you chaining together hand-to-hand combos and fighting maneuvers across 3 different fighting styles you can switch between. Exploring ancient China, performing quests, and battling rivals and assassins seeking your death provide an enthralling adventure perfect for Golden Axe fans.

6. Brave Story: New Traveler

Inspired by anime and JRPGs, Brave Story places you in the role of Tatsuya as he travels to the magical world of Vision to save his friend. The turn based combat has you strategically using Normal and Chance attacks to defeat foes. Leveling up Tatsuya and his party unlocks stronger attacks and spells. With a colorful world, evolving story, and multiple endings, fans of Golden Axe’s fantasy and RPG elements will find lots to enjoy.

7. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This iconic PSP game serves as the prequel to Final Fantasy VII, focusing on the story of Zack Fair. The real-time combat blends sword attacks, magic, and materia. Missions have you undertaking various tasks like protecting people, investigation, and fighting bosses. Leveling up provides new abilities and stat boosts to create a strong character build. Fans of Final Fantasy VII will enjoy this peek into Zack’s backstory.

8. Dynasty Warriors

The Dynasty Warriors games feature hack and slash combat where you fight enormous hordes of enemies with heroes from China’s Three Kingdoms period. Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce and other PSP titles bring the signature gameplay with multiple characters, stories, and stages to conquer. The nonstop action provides a great gameplay experience like Golden Axe that keeps you slaying soldiers for hours.

9. MediEvil Resurrection

This remake of the original PlayStation MediEvil game has you playing as Sir Daniel Fortesque, an undead knight accidentally resurrected to save his kingdom from an evil sorcerer. The gothic fantasy world is full of dark humor. You battle skeletons, zombies, demons, and more with swords, crossbows, and wacky weapons.

1o. Star Ocean: Second Evolution

Star Ocean on PSP remasters the PS1 classic RPG with improved visuals and gameplay. You explore a sci-fi world as characters from a futuristic Earth interact with a medieval fantasy realm. The real-time combat is hectic, allowing you to chain together normal and special attacks. With crafting, private actions events, and multiple playable characters, Star Ocean is a meaty RPG perfect for Golden Axe fans.


These 10 games provide the same great medieval slash ‘em up action that made Golden Axe such a beloved game. Their fantasy stories, RPG elements, and satisfying combat make them perfect to play on your Android phone using PPSSPP. Battle mythological creatures, duel the undead, or lay waste to soldier hordes. With these amazing PSP titles, your Android device becomes the ultimate portable for Golden Axe fans. Download PPSSPP and these games today to enjoy classic Golden Axe-style entertainment anywhere.


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